Goldman to layoff consumer unit employees in restructuring effort

Banking Giant Goldman Sachs plans to cut a fewhundred jobs in an effort to restructure its struggling consumer banking division amidst an uncertain economy next year. According to some people with knowledge of the matter, the bank is drafting layoff plans that could cut off around 400 employees fromits retail banking division, which is making...
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US House Panel Holds Hearing at FTX Collapse Crypto Exchange Collapse

John J. Ray, the new CEO of FTX and the sole witness before the panel, informed legislators that FTX did not maintain records with the QuickBooks software to keep tabs on the billion-dollar portfolio.  The House Financial Services Committee organized a hearing on Tuesday, December 13, on the breakdown of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange after...
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SOHO China Case Study

About Company SOHO China is an edifice developer based in China, mainly in the commercial and office segment, with particular suburban and mixed-application holdings in its assortment. Zhang Xin, the CEO, and Pan Shiyi, the Chairman, set up the entity in 1995, which applies “SOHO,” the name in both Chinese and English perspectives. The name...
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The 3-step Process of Creating an Exciting Brand Name

Remember when you scroll through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and all you can see are business ads? Yeah, if we asked you to list all these ads you came across, how many could you possibly list? Not a lot, right? Well, we don’t blame you; there are just that many of them....
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Senior Management Jobs Show Racial Gap after a Median Report by Microsoft

Microsoft’s first-ever report on median pay for the US shows that women employees do better than the national average. It also highlights that Hispanic and Black employees have remained represented in lower levels of senior management roles.   The data released on Thursday shows that Microsoft’s pay structure for women and colored people is at par...
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Intel and Amazon Pushed to Curb Costs after Bulking Up for Years

Bloomberg News reports that Inc., Intel Corp, and Meta Platforms Inc., the tech giants that have touted their growth plans ambitiously, are presently being judged by different measures, and that is how fast they can make the curbs.  On Thursday, after reporting earnings for the slowest holiday season ever, Amazon promised to curb expenses....
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Chevron Corporation Case Study

Chevron Corporation is a US-based transnational energy conglomerate. Chevron Corporation is the 2nd-biggest straight successor of Standard Oil. Initially, the name of the company was the Standard Oil Company of California (CalSo or SoCal, in brief). The head office of Chevron is located in San Ramon, California. The company has dominant footprints in over 180...
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AbbVie Case Study

About Company AbbVie is a publicly-traded US-based biopharmaceutical firm set up in 2013. It came into existence as a by-product of Abbott Laboratories. What type of firm is AbbVie? AbbVie is a publicly-traded firm. To which industry does AbbVie belong? AbbViebelongs to the biopharmaceutical industry. How many people work for AbbVie?  As of January 2022,...
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How ethical are UK corporates engaging in self-pleasure at the workplace? 

Self-pleasure, or if we could call it masturbation at the workplace, is usually unheard of. But a new study revealed something different about the British people. Let us learn more about what goes on at the workstations at someplace.  A recent study has highlighted that as many as 7.4 million British people have masturbated while...
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Albertsons shares rise 11% on merger reports with grocery giant Kroger

Kroger is exploring options of tying up with its rival Albertson Cos. The American retail company, which operates multi-department stores and supermarkets throughout the United States, can become a grocery giant if the deal is done.  People familiar with the deal said an agreement could occur this week. However, no final decision has been taken,...
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