STOCK MARKET CORRECTION DEFINITION For investors, stock market corrections—a significant drop of at least 10% in the major market indices—are an inescapable part of life. In actuality, one takes place on average once every two years. We went through one of the fastest and deepest corrections in history at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. The...
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US Investors divided over Stock market Before the Fed’s meet

The central bank’s decision on an interest rate hike will be keenly watched by professional and retail investors this week when the Federal Reserve meets on December 14. This year many did not make the rate calls, and a  survey by MLIV Pulse saw   37% of retail investors feel owning US sticks is the best...
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7 Best Bullish Options Strategies You Might Be Interested In

Similar to bearish options strategies, there are bullish options strategies that various traders utilize when they expect asset prices to escalate. For choosing the most suitable options strategy, you need to ascertain the extent to which the underlying price might increase and the period during which the rally would take place.  Seven best bullish options...
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7 Best Bearish Options Strategies You Need To Know

When you are into options trading, there are certain strategies that you can make use of to garner maximum gains from the market. The best options trading strategies includestraddle, covered option, married put, butterfly, iron butterfly, and strangle. Every investor’s goal is to find a guaranteed profit option strategy; the information elaborated below might help you find one. 7 Best...
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Options Trading with Synthetic Put Options Strategy: Certain Interesting Facts

Many people are unaware of Options trading with Synthetic Put Options Strategy. A synthetic put is a type of options strategy which blends a long call option with a short stock position on the same stock for copying a long put option.       A synthetic put option strategy is used when investors bear a bearish bet on...
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Options Trading with Synthetic Call Options Strategy: An Overview

Nowadays, options trading with synthetic call options strategy has gained much momentum among investors. Many investors are trying their luck with this strategy since this strategy features a lesser risk of making losses. What is a synthetic call option strategy? A synthetic call is a form of option strategy for generating an unrestrained possibility for a profit with restricted chances...
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Options Trading with Call Ratio Back Spread Strategy: A few interesting facts

You can apply various strategies if you are an options trader. One of the most popular is options trading with a call ratio back spread strategy. Also knownasacall ratioback spread, it is a bullish optionsstrategy that purchases calls and sells them with various strike prices. However, the expiry term is equivalent for every one of them, and the ratios used are...
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LEAPS Options: What They Are and When to Use Them

LEAPS options are a type of derivative that traders can use to hedge their risks. This article will discuss what LEAPS options are and when you might want to use them. What are LEAPS, and how do they work? LEAPS options are Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities, which allow investors to buy securities with a longer-term...
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Should You Invest In Foreign Equities?

The financial equivalent of placing all your nest eggs in one basket is kind of an overemphasis on investments in a single country. Exposure to foreign equities investments can have many benefits for investors. At first glance, while the asset for international equities in India has been somewhat inconsequential compared to their domestic peers, they...
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Types of Investing Philosophy

Whenever we hear or come across the term ‘philosophy,’ we often imagine heavy topics such as the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. However, have we ever thought that certain philosophies could also govern the realm of financial investments?  Well, it might sound surprising, but even in finance, investments are often made following a...
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