January 2, 2023

Binance NFT – The cryptocurrency exchange that doubles as the world’s most popular NFT marketplace

To buy and sell Binance NFT you must pay a trading fee of 1% of the transaction value to the platform that acts as an NFT marketplace. The platform deals in NFTs belonging to the Premium category, sports, gaming, art, entertainment, collectibles, and charitable.  Besides its own Binance coin (BNB), Binance accepts a wide range...
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Metamask: One-click Login with Blockchain

Logging into digital services is an everyday part of life. We use our passwords and usernames to gain access to all of the resources we need. But what if you could cut down on logins and sign-ins with just one click? Metamask, a blockchain-based login system, makes this a reality. With Metamask, users can log...
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Mythbustertv show – apt for people who love Science 

The MythBusterstv show from the past was enjoyable to see. The show answers frequently asked questions, such as what happens if a gun goes off aboard an airplane. The answers in the show myth busters come from likable celebrities. They would have two teams pursuing two myths in a typical episode. The show was entertaining to watch because of...
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