Ultimate Guide to use payment apps for small businesses

Introduction Gone are the days of relying on cash and checks for business transactions. Now, businesses have options that make sending and receiving payments quickly and securely easier. Payment apps are becoming increasingly popular as they offer convenience, flexibility, and low transaction costs. If you’re a small business looking for ways to streamline your payment...
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A Moral Video Game Industry Requires Regulation

It is no secret that the video game industry is a major part of our culture. However, many argue that it has gotten out of hand. As technology and gaming have become more sophisticated, many fear that the industry has become less moral and socially responsible. From violence to predatory microtransactions, some players are beginning...
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Goldman to layoff consumer unit employees in restructuring effort

Banking Giant Goldman Sachs plans to cut a fewhundred jobs in an effort to restructure its struggling consumer banking division amidst an uncertain economy next year. According to some people with knowledge of the matter, the bank is drafting layoff plans that could cut off around 400 employees fromits retail banking division, which is making...
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US House Panel Holds Hearing at FTX Collapse Crypto Exchange Collapse

John J. Ray, the new CEO of FTX and the sole witness before the panel, informed legislators that FTX did not maintain records with the QuickBooks software to keep tabs on the billion-dollar portfolio.  The House Financial Services Committee organized a hearing on Tuesday, December 13, on the breakdown of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange after...
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Small business ideas to start

It’s no secret that starting your own business is a daunting task. But thanks to the internet and social media, getting your business off the ground is easier than ever. There are a million and one ideas for small businesses, so it can be hard to know where to start. In this blog post, we...
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How to manage a campaign?

Campaign management is a wide range of market-concentrating efforts that include planning, strategizing, and executing the steps of a campaign. It also involves monitoring the whole process and analyzing the whole effort. The whole motif of a marketing campaign is to gain the needed attention of a potential client or customer. A strategically executed marketing...
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Understanding B2B Channel Conflict

When a manufacturer starts distributing a product, they will never involve only one channel: the more channels, the more sales. Let us take the example of a mobile; you can buy one from an online store as well as an offline store. Similarly, the involvement of several channels takes place in a product, and any...
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Why Use CTA in Your B2B Email?

We will see many marketing methods in the coming days, but email marketing is here to stay through the ages. B2B cold emailing outreach is an effective way to reach a potential prospect. A cold email is the first point of contact with a potential customer expecting a positive sale. An inbox is a crazy place without...
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SOHO China Case Study

About Company SOHO China is an edifice developer based in China, mainly in the commercial and office segment, with particular suburban and mixed-application holdings in its assortment. Zhang Xin, the CEO, and Pan Shiyi, the Chairman, set up the entity in 1995, which applies “SOHO,” the name in both Chinese and English perspectives. The name...
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The 3-step Process of Creating an Exciting Brand Name

Remember when you scroll through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and all you can see are business ads? Yeah, if we asked you to list all these ads you came across, how many could you possibly list? Not a lot, right? Well, we don’t blame you; there are just that many of them....
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