You’re in the perfect place if you’re seeking for the top 1.5 Tonne Window AC in India with a stunning design and high energy efficiency. We’ll discuss the cost of a 1.5-ton window air conditioner, its features, how much installation will cost, etc. Everything that makes your purchase so wise will be discussed in this section.

In the sweltering summer, having a dependable and constant air conditioner may make all the difference in terms of reducing heat. A medium-sized room of 150–180 square feet is best cooled with a 1.5-ton window air conditioner. It offers efficient cooling performance, is easy to install, and is reasonably priced.

As a result, we’ll examine some of the top 1.5-tonne window ACs in India that are available right now and offer excellent cooling performance as well as other desirable characteristics.

What Makes Window Air Conditioners the Most Affordable and Popular Choice?

When it comes to purchasing an air conditioner, window ACs are the most popular and economical choice. A window air conditioner is the greatest option for individuals who, for whatever reason, are unable to have a split air conditioner installed in their house. The installation of a window air conditioner is significantly easier and more practical than a split air conditioner.

Everyone desires an effective air conditioner that doesn’t run up large power costs. So, we suggest window air conditioners that are both efficient and affordable. Many Indian clients seek for window air conditioners because they offer effective cooling, particularly those with 1.5 tonnes of capacity.

Most Effective 1.5 Tonne Window Air Conditioners


1. Havells-Lloyd Window AC – 5 Star

This is the first AC in our Best window AC 1.5-tonne list to receive a 5-star rating. The air conditioner with the highest rating is this 1.5 Tonne Havells-Lloyd unit. This delighted client unit is under Rs 30,000 in price.

This 5-star window air conditioner uses 1114.71 Kilowatt Hours per unit. It is a durable AC because of its copper condenser.

This 1.5-tonne non-inverter air conditioner is your best bet if you’re looking to spend less than Rs 30,000 on a window air conditioner. With features like chilling at 48°C ambient temperature, a clean air filter, a self-diagnosis function, an auto restart upon power restoration, and strong dehumidification, it is among the finest 1.5 tonne Havells-Lloyd window air conditioners.

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2. Carrier Window AC – 3 Star

Another dependable and inexpensive brand of window air conditioner is Carrier. Fresh air can enter every area of the room thanks to the Copper Dust Filter and 2 Way Air Directional in the Carrier 1.5 Tonne Window AC. This three-star AC unit has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and is competitively priced. It is a compact, simple-to-install machine that requires little upkeep.

You ought to employ a stabiliser to safeguard the AC. With just 1206.06 kWH per year, it has a respectable 3-star AC power usage.

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3. Panasonic Window AC – 5 Star

Another choice on the list is the Panasonic 1.5 Tonne Window AC, which has a 5-star rating for offering sufficient features and decent performance for a 1.5-ton window AC. The Copper PM 2.5 Filter in this 2022 model purifies the air while cooling it.

The Panasonic window AC is the top-rated model on our list and is inexpensive and simple to install in your room. Additionally, it maintains a comfortable temperature in your space. With a maximum yearly power usage of 1168.90 units, it is remarkably energy-efficient. Its long-term dependability and functioning are guaranteed by the copper condenser. At this price point, this Panasonic unit is the greatest window air conditioner available.

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4. LG WiFi Window AC – 5 Star

In India and the entire world, LG is the most dependable brand. The most popular window air conditioner for small to medium-sized rooms is the LG 1.5 Window AC.

This LG window air conditioner is a 5 Star model that uses less energy and is quiet even when operating at full capacity. This DUAL Inverter AC operates incredibly smoothly and delivers quicker cooling for a big area.

You may connect to and manage this LG window air conditioner using an app because it is a Wi-Fi device. The AC was the finest LG 1.5-ton window AC because to its excellent performance and remarkable features.

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5. Blue Star Window AC – 5 Star

The Blue Star 1.5 Tonne 5 Star Fixed Speed Window AC is yet another fantastic option among the air conditioning units. If you want a window air conditioner with turbo cooling, this is a great option.

On the 1.5 Tonne Blue Star, humidity control is an option. Depending on your demands, the built-in Fan-Modes of Auto, High, Medium, and Low offer cooling. The hydrophilic blue fins enable unrestricted cooling performance and increased longevity by preventing water and dust deposits on fins.

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These five window air conditioners, each with a buyer’s guide, are the finest available in India as of 2023. If you’re having trouble deciding, consider the Havells Window AC 2022 model for a cheap top 1.5-ton window AC and the Blue Star Window AC for overall performance.

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