Angelo Moriondo: The Man behind the Modern Espresso Machine


Understanding Angelo Moriondo’s Legacy

Among the many Italian inventors who have left a mark on the world, Angelo Moriondo holds a special place. Primarily known for his remarkable invention, the espresso machine, Moriondo’s contributions have significantly impacted the world of coffee.

Angelo Moriondo: Early Life and Ambitions

Angelo Moriondo was born in 1841 in Turin, Italy. Moriondo demonstrated a keen interest in invention and entrepreneurship from an early age. He managed two coffee houses in his hometown, exposing him to the coffee business’s nuances. Witnessing the laborious and time-consuming process of brewing coffee, Moriondo realized the need for a machine to produce coffee faster and in larger quantities.

The Invention of the Espresso Machine

1884 Angelo Moriondo patented his innovative device: the first espresso machine. The device was designed to use steam to force water through coffee grounds — a method much quicker than traditional brewing.

Unlike the drip or percolation methods prevalent at the time, Moriondo’s machine produced coffee with a distinct flavor and consistency. The coffee brewed using this machine had a concentrated, rich taste and was topped with a layer of ‘crema,’ characteristics now synonymous with espresso coffee.

Unfortunately, Moriondo did not commercialize his invention; instead, he used it exclusively in his coffee houses. Consequently, his invention remained relatively unknown during his lifetime.

The Impact of Moriondo’s Invention

Despite not commercializing his machine, Angelo Moriondo’s invention set the foundation for modern espresso machines. Later, inventors and entrepreneurs refined and improved Moriondo’s initial design.

In 1901, Luigi Bezzera patented several enhancements to Moriondo’s machine, allowing individual servings of coffee to be brewed. Later, Desiderio Pavoni purchased Bezzera’s patent and started manufacturing espresso machines commercially in 1905, effectively popularizing the concept of espresso.

Angelo Moriondo: Final Years and Legacy

Moriondo lived a long and productive life. He passed away in 1916, leaving behind a significant yet underrated contribution to the world of coffee. While he did not live to witness the global popularity of his invention, his legacy continues to impact the way we enjoy coffee today.

Conclusion: Celebrating Angelo Moriondo’s Contribution

In the world of coffee enthusiasts and baristas, the name Angelo Moriondo holds a place of honor. His invention, though not widely recognized during his lifetime, has transformed coffee brewing methods and shaped our modern cafe culture. Today, as we sip our morning espresso, let us remember and celebrate the legacy of Angelo Moriondo – the inventor who revolutionized the way we enjoy coffee.

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