Delhi High Court Upholds ‘Fancode’ Rights, Enforces Block on Infringing Websites and Apps


The digital realm has become an important battlefield for copyright and intellectual property rights. Recently, the Delhi High Court set a significant precedent in this field by upholding the rights of fancode, a popular digital sports platform. The court’s decision to block several rogue websites and apps infringing FanCode’s rights underscored the importance of enforcing digital copyrights and safeguarding intellectual property.

Landmark Ruling Protecting fancode’s Rights

The Delhi High Court’s verdict was a watershed moment in the fight against digital piracy and infringement of rights. This ruling emphasized that FanCode’s proprietary content, including live sports broadcasting and exclusive sports content, is protected under intellectual property laws.

The Case: fancode Versus Infringing Entities

Fancode, which provides comprehensive coverage of various sports, found itself at the receiving end of copyright infringement with multiple websites and apps illegally sharing its proprietary content. These platforms were not just violating the company’s rights but also providing users with a subpar experience of FanCode’s curated offerings.

Delhi High Court’s Intervention

Recognising the rampant violation of fancode‘s rights, the Delhi High Court acted promptly. It issued an order to internet service providers (ISPs) and key players in the digital domain to block access to the identified rogue websites and apps. This move disrupted their operations, protecting fancode‘s exclusive content from further unauthorized access and distribution.

Implications of the Verdict: Upholding Digital Rights

The verdict has far-reaching implications for digital rights management and sets a precedent for similar future cases. It sends a strong message that digital content deserves the same level of protection as traditional forms of media and that companies have the right to protect their digital assets from infringement.

Fancode’s Commitment to Authentic Sports Coverage

In the face of these challenges, fancode has reiterated its commitment to providing fans with an authentic sports experience. The platform offers comprehensive coverage of a wide range of sports, live match scores, in-depth analysis, and expert commentary, striving to deliver a high-quality, immersive sports experience for its users.

Conclusion: A Victory for fancode and Digital Rights

The Delhi High Court’s decision to block rogue websites and apps infringing the rights of fancode marks a pivotal moment in the enforcement of digital rights. It not only validates FanCode’s fight against unauthorized content distribution but also strengthens the larger movement against digital piracy. As fancode continues to delight sports enthusiasts with its rich and varied offerings, the verdict ensures that its rights and efforts are protected, paving the way for a safer and more secure digital environment for content creators and users alike.

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