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 Bangladesh has an excellent network of highways across the country that connects the capital Dhaka to various destinations. Traveling by air-conditioned buses is a popular choice to cover long distances entailing overnight journeys along the 21,000 km road network that has become the lifeline of the nation.  Mostly, privately owned travel companies that maintain a fleet of luxury air-conditioned and ordinary buses operate regular bus services between various destinations across the districts. Ena Paribahan or Ena Travels one of the leading travel companies has excellent bus services across Dhaka, Gazipur, Coxbazar, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Chittagong, Rangpur, Comilla, Feni, Sherpur, Shunamgonj, Hobigonj, Mowlovibazar,  and Chokoria.  Depending on the budget and distance, travelers can choose between air-conditioned luxury buses and ordinary buses.

About Ena Paribahan

On going through any list of the top 10 Bus Companies in Bangladesh, you will surely find the name of Ena Travels better known as Ena Transport Pvt. Ltd which has maintained its reputation through the decades.  Established in 1984, the company has an unwavering commitment to serving the people of Bangladesh by providing an affordable and comfortable means of bus travel. As compared to other leading Bus Companies, Ena Travels covers most of the districts of Bangladesh making it one of the major transport providers of the country.  Besides providing AC and Non-AC buses, the company also provides business class services. All the bus routes of the company originate from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.  Dhaka to Sylhet, Chittagong, and Mymensing are the most popular routes of the company.

Comfort, convenience, and safety

All bus companies in Bangladesh focus on the comfort, convenience, and safety of passengers to gain their confidence and turn them into loyal customers. The competition is intense among the bus service companies and Ena Travels gives its best to gain the confidence of travelers so that they keep coming back.  Regardless of the type of bus, luxury or ordinary, the company’s unwavering commitment to giving the best makes it stand out from the crowd. While ensuring the comfort and convenience of passengers inside the buses might be easy, safe driving can be quite challenging on the not-so-good roads of Bangladesh.

Traffic and road conditions

 Tourists and business travelers must set the right expectations for bus travel within Bangladesh by considering the traffic and road conditions.  The road conditions and traffic laws are not only significantly different from the US but might be quite concerning if you draw comparisons with the developed countries.  The roads in the cities are too crowded with rickshaws, bicycles, cars, overcrowded buses, three-wheeled mini taxis, and trucks all vying for the right of way and road space.

Poor road maintenance is evident from the numerous potholes and barriers without signposts and the lack of safe shoulders is a major concern. The picture is the same for the city roads and highways. Hardly there are any posts or displays about speed limits and motorists throw all caution to the wind, making road travel quite risky.  Inadequate road lighting and the lack of signposts pose a high challenge for drivers at night.

Addressing passenger concerns

 Ena Travels makes the best use of the experience of operating long-distance bus services across Bangladesh for more than three decades to address the concerns of travelers adequately.  Safety is a top priority of the company that endeavors to sensitize and educate drivers and the other staff of the bus to adopt safe practices in driving and navigating on the road.  Moreover, the company uses GPS technology to track the vehicles on the road closely and ensure that drivers follow the selected route without deviating unless instructed. The measure prevents drivers from taking impromptu decisions about taking a detour when passing through highly congested stretches and helps to avoid unwanted risks.

Safety training for drivers

The company recruits trained and experienced drivers capable of safe driving while keeping a cool head under the most difficult conditions. Driving on bad roads amid poor traffic conditions is a huge challenge and drivers must have enough patience to navigate the difficult stretches by demonstrating their best driving skills by avoiding any kind of risk.

Organizing regular safety training for drivers is a routine in Ena Travels to ensure that they always follow the guidelines of safe driving while taking the best care of the travelers.  Regular training helps to refresh their knowledge and helps them to adhere to the best practices of safe driving.

 The following are the highlights of the safety training.

  • Although drivers must follow a strict timer schedule, they should never compromise on safety. Safety should be the top priority always and to deviate from the scheduled route, drivers must seek permission from their supervisors.
  • Pay attention to bad weather which can pose dangers on the road. Besides driving appropriately during bad weather, gather information in advance about the weather condition along the route before starting the journey.
  • Drivers must be thoroughly conversant with the routes and even alternate routes they might have to take. Familiarity with modern GPS technology is extremely important and keeping an old-fashioned road map handy is helpful, too.
  • As buses take more time to come to a halt than other passenger vehicles, drivers must maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of them to avoid a collision.
  • Drivers must be extra cautious and alert about large blind spots and should ensure that the vehicle has extra mirrors and other accessories to stay aware of their vehicle’s blind spot, especially when changing lanes.

 Practicing good safety habits is the only way for drivers to ensure that passengers arrive on time and safely.

GPS tracking for maintaining the speed limit

 Ena Travels maintains an efficient centralized GPS tracking system to track all buses plying on the road. By keeping a close watch on each vehicle, it is possible to ensure that all drivers maintain the stipulated speed limit even on clear roads.  Since occasional slowdown might make drivers wary and they might try to over speed whenever possible to make up lost time. The centralized GPS helps to identify errant drivers and caution them to adhere to the speed limit.

Installing Speed locks in buses

To ensure the all-round safety of passengers, Ena Travels buses have speed locks installed in the buses. The mechanism acts as an added safety measure by preventing drivers to exceed a set speed limit. The speed lock is a device that acts as a speed governor which continuously measures the speed of the moving vehicle and regulates it to prevent exceeding a certain limit. Speed limiters are extremely helpful in avoiding accidents due to rash driving. Ena Scania High Deck buses have a speed limit of 90 kmph.

Eva Travels makes all efforts to raise awareness of road safety among bus drivers.

Travel in style in Ena Scania High Deck Buses

Scania High Deck buses have been the true gems in the fleet of buses owned by Eva Travels. They have had two such luxury buses plying between Dhaka and Sylhet since April 2019.  The bus fare is 1200 BDT (Bangladesh Taka) and the super luxury bus has 26 seats arranged in 2:1 seating positions except for the last row.

CV Laksana, an Indonesian bus manufacturer, is the manufacturer of the Scania SR2 XHD Prime Legacy Coach which figures among the top-line coaches of the company.  Built upon the Scania K 410 HP chassis, the two-axle SR2 legacy coaches are 13 meters long. For double-decker coaches, the company uses the Scania K 410 EB 6×2 chassis that supports a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm. 

Go on a tour in the Scania SR2 XHD Prime Legacy Coach

Traveling on the Ena Scania High Deck Buses assures a different kind of luxury experience that suits people who want to maximize the convenience and comfort of long-distance travel by bus. The business class bus is the most luxurious one in Ena’s fleet. Manned by a master class staff of juniors and seniors, the bus leaves Dhaka at 11.55 pm and tickets are available from the company’s main counter at Mohakhali.  

The high-back seats with headrests and cell phone charging arrangement have adequate leg space and are adjustable too.  You can increase or decrease the space to ensure maximum comfort while placing your feet with ample leg room. The plush interiors create a look luxurious look and the subdued but vibrant internal lighting creates a dreamy ambiance just perfect for night travel. The colors of light keep changing at regular intervals and the interiors look glamorous and highly inviting for those who want to travel in style. Internet services are available on board.

Technical features of Scania

 The Scania SR2 XHD Prime Legacy Coach has a load capacity of 8 tonnes and ensures optimized weight distribution between the rear and front axles mainly because of the strengthened front axles. The powerful powertrain technology is not only durable and dependable but also ensures fuel saving to the tune of 6% due to cruise control with active prediction and improved engine efficiency.

  • More uptime – The robust construction of the vehicle ensures the protection of components in the event of a collision. It avoids deformity of components by limiting damage which saves repairing cost and time. Therefore, Scania has a higher uptime that gives a lot of confidence to bus operators in ensuring uninterrupted services.
  • Safety – The safety features include the proprietary ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) that help in preventing collisions while changing lanes, assist in-lane driving, vulnerable road user warning, attention support, cruise control with active prediction, and advanced emergency brake.
  • Interior design – The interior design is a splendid combination of aesthetics and functionality as manifested in the comfortable ambiance, safety features, and climate system. The interiors are completely quiet due to double glazing and a kitchen and toilet enhance the convenience of travelers.
  • Driver Area – The driver’s cabin has excellent visibility and the great turning radius of the well-balanced vehicle ensures excellent drivability. Moreover, the advanced driver assistance system ensures better control and handling of the coach with the help of improved steering and braking.

Customer engagement

 Ena Travels pays utmost attention to customer engagement and provides ample opportunities for interaction on its Facebook page and through various phone lines. The company relies heavily on customer reviews and feedback received through these channels to help improve its services. However, the lack of a company website might seem a bit awkward in this digital age when websites serve as the virtual entities of organizations and can even become the face of organizations.

 Operational hours and ticket booking

 Ena Travels operates 6 days a week, 365 days a year and the hours of operation are from 6 am to 1.15 am. The country’s major transport provider that offers both AC and non-AC bus services has low ticket prices than other travel companies but without compromising on the quality of services. Ena Travels does not have any online ticket booking system and travelers must book their tickets by visiting the company’s ticket counters. You book tickets in advance between 7 am and 10 pm any day.

The ticket prices vary according to the distance and the type of bus, AC or non-AC. The lowest AC bus fare is 300 BDT for the route Uttara to Feni and the highest price ticket is for the route Cox’s Bazaar to Sylhet which costs 1400 BDT.

Ena Travels ensures maximum comfort and convenience for travelers across all routes and provides a healthy environment inside the buses by strictly prohibiting smoking.  Those searching for smoke-free travel in buses would find Ena Travels or Ena Paribahan most suited.  However, accepting the fact that to err is human, there will be occasions when you might find some passengers violating the no-smoking diktat. In such cases, the staff on the bus not only desists the person caught smoking but also imposes a penalty as a deterrent.

For the most affordable and luxurious bus journey, Ena Travels is an obvious choice for people keen to discover Bangladesh from end-to-end by availing of the services of one the best Bus Companies in the country.

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