Football Mania Myths Update -Top 10 PUBG Mobile Mythbusters


The 2.3 Football Mania update on pubg mobile is exciting for players, particularly football fans. Here, we will look at the top 10 myths about the new football mania update, which might be helpful to you when visiting pubg mobile com. 

PUBG mobile Myth #1 – Ball Switching 

Here the pubg mobile myth is that you can survive a grenade explosion by switching to a ball and moving as a vehicle. When you turn to a football, you will not suffer any damage when the enemy attacks with a grenade. 

Myth #2 – Saves against Molotov cocktail

The football vehicle is also helpful in protecting against the flames of the Molotov cocktail. This is useful in certain situations where you do not damage by the flames. 

Myth #3 – Messi’s Shoes 

Here Messi’s shoes keep players protected from Molotov’s flame. This is not confirmed, as the shoes are meant only for running faster away from the flaming areas. Hereafter activating the power of the shoes, you cannot stop it as there is no button. This mode can be deactivated by holding an impossible weapon in Messi’s shoes. 

Myth #4 – Backpack Capacity 

The new update on pubg global shows that Messi’s shoes and football vehicle do not take up space in the backpack, and many players confirm this myth. 

Myth # 5 – Stable Cable Car 

When you jump from the cable car, you don’t suffer any damage from the fall. This is a new feature in the update as pubg ببجي mobile players do get damaged when falling from high places. This myth is why many players do not use this valuable tip to take the enemy by surprise from the sky. 

Myth # 6 – Football Flare Gun

pubg mobile ببجي موبايل players will get BRDM vehicles when using flare guns. However, when using the new football flare gun outside the white circle, you will get the football airdrop and airdrop weapons. 

Myth # 7 – Messi’s golden shoes 

You can turn into a football when falling from a very high place. If you get on top of the football statue and press the football button, you will see it does not activate, and a warning sign shows. As you jump, you will you cannot turn into a football. 

Myth # 8 – Gas station 

This pub g myth is that if you turn into a football and visit a gas station, you can refill the ball with gas. The myth is confirmed when you get the refuel option at the gas station. 

Myth # 9- survive after falling from great heights

You can survive if you use the golden football shoes just a  

few seconds before you hit the ground after falling from a great height. When you jump and activate the golden shoes by pressing the button, it does not work. 

Myth # 10 – football flare gun faster than normal gun

The final pubs myth is that the football flare gun comes faster than the normal flare gun. When making a side-by-side comparison between the normal flare shot and football flare from the same place, it will look like the football flare gun drops faster. 

Final takeaway 

The new football update on pubg mobile has many interesting features. Here the players can learn valuable tips and tricks to play the game better. The update can be دانلود downloaded by players from the pubg global official website. You can play android player unknown’s battlegrounds on a system with at least 2 GB RAM.

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