Google Analytics 4 – How to use for marketing?


Google announced a few months back that from July 1st, 2023, the search engine giant will no longer use the standard Universal Analytics features to process data. But it will introduce a system wherein data flow will occur using Google Analytics 4. As such, with the implementation of the new features/properties, there is bound to be a marked change in the way data is stored and filtered will be felt by all allied professionals. More about Google Analytics 4 in the write-up that follows. 

What is Google Analytics 4?

As per Google, this new data model handling feature will kick in next July. Unlike the other properties of analytics, this will solely depend on the components that make up the Google ecosystem that will aid in improving today’s marketing strategies and endeavors. So, Is Google Analytics 4 ready to be used? Not yet, and you will not be able to work with it before July 2023

Features you must know about Google Analytics 4? 

Here are a few points related to the same.                        

Expect the new properties in Google Analytics 4 to be event-based and not session based. 

Remember, custom channel grouping will not work anymore in GA4. As a marketer, you must work out a disciplined strategy if you intend to measure channel performance. 

As far as Google Analytics 4 certification is concerned, an exam is conducted. The test will have questions covering various nuances of Google Analytics 4, like using GA4 for your business. 

 For your GA4 source/medium requirement, remember GA4 does not consider everything as a source. For instance, email is not considered a source. But to view the report with dimensions of Session medium and Session source, visit Traffic acquisition, select the primary dimension as Session source and Session medium as the secondary dimension. 

Having come across the crucial aspects of GA4, let us find out the benefits of Google Analytics 4. 

How will your Business benefit from Google Analytics 4?

Check out the advantages of using GA4 below-

More privacy for customers

Shifting to this model will ensure that customers’ privacy is maintained well, and it will also signify that companies are adhering to privacy rules. 

Better visualization of customer trail

As GA4 will focus on website interactions across various platforms, it will be easier for business entities to analyze data to better understand customer experiences and their journey. 

User-centric reports helpful for marketers

Because Google Analytics 4 focuses on user engagement and offers insight into new sections like “User” and “Lifecycle,” business entities can delve deeper into client journeys. They can analyze data depending on monetization, engagement, and acquisition. Also taken into consideration are technology and demographics. 

The better and more relevant audience for marketing campaigns

With the help of the new properties of GA4, you will be able to get relevant audiences regarding ad campaigns and so on. Data collection across various platforms will help in completing a customer journey. This, in turn, allows you to enjoy a better return on investment and better insight into the customer journey and cycle. 

By seeing the changes and updates above, you can safely say that Google Analytics 4 is not just an update but a new data collection, storage, and filtering model. So, if you are into digital marketing, you must work out your strategies accordingly. Last but not least, is google analytics 4 free? Yes, there are no costs associated, irrespective of whether you are using one property or more than that. 

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