How ethical are UK corporates engaging in self-pleasure at the workplace? 


Self-pleasure, or if we could call it masturbation at the workplace, is usually unheard of. But a new study revealed something different about the British people. Let us learn more about what goes on at the workstations at someplace. 

A recent study has highlighted that as many as 7.4 million British people have masturbated while on duty or during work hours. 

The pleasures of working from home

When you work from home, you have access to several luxuries like taking a power nap since you do not have to spend time commuting to the office, flexible timing, eating what you love to as you can prepare a quick lunch at the break, and not far behind is some self-pleasure. 

More about the study and survey to establish facts

A survey was conducted by Chemist4U, in which as many as 2000 people were interviewed. Of them, 14% admitted that they indeed participate in some kind of activity that gives them self-gratification while at work. 

According to the survey, over one-fifth of the men accounting for 22%, have masturbated while at work, and around 7% of the women have taken part in some time staying alone. Aside from the above categories of working people, around 18% of the workers have confessed that while at work or during their work hours, they had accessed porn content of some kind. 

London Leads

It has come to the forefront that London is one city that has the highest number of people that masturbate as they have agreed to perform the deed. 

Does income have anything to do with self-pleasure?

It was found that those Brits that earn between £35,001, equivalent to AUD 61,000, and £45,000 equivalent to AUD 71,000, have admitted to self-pleasure at work. 

The ones that earn between £25,0001, equivalent to AUD 44,000, and £35,000, equivalent to AUD 61,000, were 24% more likely to get involved in self-love. 

The ones that earned between £15,0001, equivalent to AUD 26,000, and £25,000 or AUD 44,000 annually were 18% more likely. 

The age bracket that was the highest is between 25 and 34 percent, followed by 35 to 44 years old, approximately 18%, and 45 to 54 years old accounted for 15%. 

On the positive note

While this may come as a surprise, and people may be in awe of the consequences of the study, it is said that masturbating while at work fosters productivity, as per experts. 

According to a lecturer in psychology Mark Sergeant associated with Nottingham Trent University, doing the deed can enhance focus. 

According to a psychologist who is also a life coach, Dr. Cliff Arnall, the workplace must put in place a so-called “masturbating policy” so that the company’s morale can be lifted. 

He further said that he expects that having a masturbating policy in place might result in enhanced focus, better productivity, more smiles, and less aggression. 

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