The streaming of demon slayer season 3 has just begun, and anime fans are keenly following Tanjiro and his team’s journey along the Swordsmith Village Arc. Those eager to know “when is demon slayer season 3 streaming”, should take heart from the fact that April 9, 2023, was the demon slayer season 3 release date. Every week Crunchyroll streams a new episode of the anime and, through simulcasting, ensures fans in the US and 200 other countries can watch the episodes at the same time as they are in Japan (11.15 pm JST). In the US, new weekly episodes of season 3 demon slayer will be on air on Sundays at 1.45 pm ET (10.45 pm PT).

For global viewers, subtitles are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Hindi, and Russian. Viewers across North and Central America, Europe, and South America will benefit from the simulcasting. 

Demon slayer season 3 – What to expect

Inspired by Koyoharu Gotouge’s original manga, the Swordsmith Village Arc raises the stakes further to incredible heights. As Tanjiro arrives at the new location after recovering from a coma, he comes across a bunch of new faces, all of whom will play some part in the current series. Meanwhile, some new demons and bloodthirsty monsters appear in Season 3. 

The story of season 3 demon slayer, takes off from where Entertainment District Arc left the anime fans eager to know Tanjiro’s next moves. The Swordsmith storyline is set at a time when Tanjiro begins a journey to find an ancient, mysterious weapon while his sword undergoes repair. Fans will see Tanjiro reaching out to Hotaru Haganezuka to get his sword repaired, which broke into pieces when he fought Kizuki for the last time. 

After the antagonists’ brutalization during the Entertainment District’s closure, it is customary to see them embarking on a low relaxing journey. However, it only takes a short time before several upper-rank demons Gyokko and Hantengu, attack the group head. Having no weapons for defense, it’s an intense situation to die or run away from the monsters. 

Besides a new theme song for season 3 of the Demon Slayer series, you will see the new characters of Mist Hashiras and Love joining the fray and displaying their fantastic sword styles.

How to watch season 3 demon slayer

Crunchyroll has exclusive rights to stream season 3 demon slayer, and it will be available to premium subscribers. There is no chance of Hulu streaming the series anytime soon. However, Hulu and Netflix subscribers can enjoy the series’ earlier seasons now on show. New subscribers can enjoy the streaming of ad-supported content for a free Crunchyroll account. However, the free version does not have all the titles. Therefore, to enjoy fresh content, especially demon slayer season 3, you have to opt for Crunchyroll’s $ 8-a-month premium subscription. 

For new subscribers, Crunchyroll offers a 14-day free trial before they pay for the subscription. For flexible streaming from any location, having a VPN connection is advantageous.

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