How to sell on ebay uk – A Comprehensive Guide


eBay, the world-renowned e-commerce platform, is a fantastic marketplace for individuals and businesses to sell products to customers globally. It’s a platform where you can sell anything from vintage collectibles to the latest gadgets. This guide’ll walk you through selling on eBay UK with relevant examples and step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Account

The first step to selling on eBay UK is to create an account. Visit the eBay UK homepage and click on the ‘register’ link at the top left. You will be prompted to provide personal details, including your name, email address, and password. Once you’ve filled in these details, click the ‘Register’ button.

Step 2: Setting Up a Seller Account

Once you’ve registered, you need to set up a seller account. Click on ‘Sell’ at the top of the eBay homepage, and you will be directed to a page to set up your seller account. Here, you must provide payment details for eBay’s selling fees and a payment method for buyers.

Step 3: Listing Your Item

Now comes the crucial part – listing your item for sale. Click on ‘Sell’ on the eBay homepage and follow these steps:

a. Title and Category: Create a clear, concise title for your item. Let’s say you’re selling a ‘Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket.’ Include essential details in the title and ensure it’s accurate. Next, select the appropriate category for your product, such as ‘Men’s Clothing > Coats & Jackets.’

b. Photos and Description: Upload high-quality photos of your item from multiple angles. For our Levi’s jacket, including close-ups of any unique features or flaws. Write a detailed product description, including its condition, size, color, and any additional information a buyer might need.

c. Pricing and Postage: Decide if you want to auction your item or sell at a fixed price. For example, if you choose a fixed price, you might set it at £50. Then, specify your postage costs by entering a flat fee or calculating it based on the buyer’s location.

d. Listing Duration: Choose how long your listing will run. The standard is seven days, but you can choose from 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 days for auction-style listings or ‘Good ‘Til Cancelled’ for fixed-price listings.

Step 4: Completing the Sale

You’ll receive a notification when a buyer makes a purchase or wins the auction. Once you’ve received payment, it’s time to pack your item securely – for our Levi’s jacket, a padded mailer or box would work – and dispatch it within your specified timeframe. Don’t forget to provide tracking information to your buyer.

Step 5: After-Sale Service

Excellent customer service doesn’t stop after a sale. Communicate with your buyer, respond to queries promptly, and handle any issues professionally. This practice will increase your chances of receiving positive feedback, which can enhance your reputation on eBay.


Selling on eBay UK can be a profitable venture if done correctly. From listing your product effectively to delivering exceptional customer service, each step is an opportunity to establish trust and rapport with your buyers. With patience and practice, you can become a successful seller on eBay UK, reaching customers across the nation and around the globe.

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