How To Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat?


Have you seen the beautiful butterfly lens on Snapchat and wondered how to get it? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll show you how to unlock the butterflies lens so you can start using it with ease. The butterfly lens is a special effect that superimposes a swarm of butterflies onto your snap. It’s perfect for springtime snaps or whenever you want to add a touch of beauty to your photos.

What are Snapchat Lenses?

Snapchat Lenses are a new way to take and share photos and videos on Snapchat. With Lenses, you can add fun effects to your photos and videos, like butterflies or flowers. To use a Lens, just tap on your screen to select it. Then, point your camera at something, and hold down on your screen to record a video. You can also take a photo by tapping the shutter button. Release your finger to save the photo or video when you’re finished.

Snapchat Butterflies Lens: What’s It All About?

If you’re wondering what the Snapchat Butterflies Lens is, here’s everything you need to know! The lens allows users to add a butterfly effect to their Snapchats, which can be used to create some pretty cool snaps!

Open up Snapchat and select the “Lens” icon to use the lens. Then, select the “Butterflies” lens from the list of available lenses. Once you’ve selected the lens, point your camera at yourself or someone else and watch as the butterflies appear!

The Snapchat Butterflies Lens is a great way to add a bit of fun and flair to your snaps. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting to try on Snapchat, give this lens a go!

Steps on How to Unlock Butterfly Lens on Snapchat

Assuming you have the latest version of the Snapchat app installed on your iOS or Android device, follow these steps to unlock the Butterfly Lens filter:

 1. Open the app and point the camera at your face.

 2. With your mouth open, raise your eyebrows as high as possible.

 3. Hold down on your screen until you see the butterflies appear.

 4. Voila! The Butterfly Lens is now unlocked and ready to use.

How to Unlock Butterflies Lens on Snapchat Using Snapcode?

To unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat, simply scan the Snapcode with your phone. The lens will be automatically added to your account and will be available to use for 24 hours.

How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens Using URL on Snapchat?

To unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat, you will need to use a URL. The URL can be found on the official website for the app. Once you have located the URL, you must enter it into your Snapchat account. After you have entered the URL, the Butterflies Lens will be unlocked and available for use.

A Guide to Sending a Lens URL to Your Friends

You can share the Lens URL if you want to share the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat with your friends. To find the URL, open Snapchat and go to the “Lenses” page. On this page, you will see a list of all the available Lenses. Find the Butterfly Lens and tap on it. This will open up the Lens details page. On this page, tap on the “Share” button. This will bring up a menu with several sharing options. Tap on the “Copy Link” option. This will copy the Lens URL to your clipboard. You can now paste this URL into a chat or email and send it to your friends.

How to Search for Butterflies Lens on Snapchat?

To search for the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat, simply open the app and swipe right to access the Lenses carousel. From here, you can scroll through all available Lenses until you find the Butterflies Lens. When you’ve found it, just tap on it to load it into your camera.

How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat?

If you want to add fun flair to your Snaps, you can unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat. This pretty Lens will add a swarm of butterflies to your Snap, fluttering around you and your friends. To unlock the Lens, simply follow these steps:

  1) Open the Snapchat app and make sure you’re logged in.

  2) On the main screen, swipe downwards from the top. This will open up the Lenses carousel.

  3) Swipe over to the far-right lens labeled “More.”

  4) You should see the Butterflies Lens listed under “New,” so tap on it to select it.

  5) Take a Snap as usual! The butterflies will appear in your Snap once it’s been taken.


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on unlocking the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat. This lens is a great way to add some fun and creativity to your snaps, and we think it’s worth taking the time to unlock it.

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