With e-readers becoming more popular by the day, it’s no wonder that companies are racing to develop their versions. In this article, we’ll look at two of the most popular e-reader devices on the market today – Kobo’s Clara 2E and Kindle’s latest model, the Kindle Oasis.

Kobo’s Clara 2E vs. Kindle

Regarding e-readers, there are two leading players in the market – Kobo, and Amazon. Kobo is a Canadian company that specializes in e-readers. They offer a wide range of devices, starting from around $80. The Clara 2E is their latest device, and it’s a great option for readers who want an affordable e-reader that still offers many features.

The Clara 2E is available in black or white, has a 7-inch screen, and uses E Ink technology for reading. It has 8GB of internal storage, which can be expanded with a microSD card. It also has a backlight so you can read in the dark and supports Kobo’s new Watermark feature, which lets you personalize your ebook experience.

The Kindle is the most popular e-reader on the market and is available in various models and prices. The Kindle Oasis is the most expensive model, and it has a 9.7-inch screen, supports Audible audiobooks, and has 32GB of internal storage. The Kindle Voyage is the next most expensive.

Features of the Kobo Clara 2E

The Kobo Clara 2E is the latest ereader from Kobo, and it comes with several new features that make it a great choice for readers. Here are some of the key features of the Kobo Clara 2E:

  • A New Design: The Kobo Clara 2E comes with a new design that is more compact and easier to hold, and it also has a curvier backside that makes it easier to grip.
  • Improved Display: The Kobo Clara 2E features an improved display that is brighter and more contrasty than previous models. This makes it easier to read books in direct sunlight or on a dark background.
  • More Memory and Battery Life: The Kobo Clara 2E has more memory (8GB) and longer battery life (10 hours) than previous models. This means you can read longer without having to recharge your device.

If you are looking for an ereader that offers great features and performance, the Kobo Clara 2E is a great option.

Features of the Kindle

One of the main differences between the Kindle and the Kobo Clara E is the screen size. The Kindle has a 9.7-inch screen, while the Kobo Clara E has a 6-inch screen.

The Kindle also has more features than the Kobo Clara E. For example, the Kindle has a built-in light that makes reading easier in dark environments. It also has a built-in dictionary and Grimes meter, which helps you track your reading progress.

The Kobo Clara E is cheaper than the Kindle, but it doesn’t have all the Kindle’s features. For example, it doesn’t have a built-in light, and it doesn’t have a Grimes meter.


Regarding e-reader technology, there are two main camps: those who swear by the Kindle and those who swear by the Kobo. This article will compare and contrast the Clara 2E (Kobo’s latest e-reader) with the Kindle Paperwhite 3rd Generation. We will focus mainly on design, storage capacity, battery life, and overall performance.

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