Mangaku – A marvelous world of comics on the web


The internet provides plenty of opportunities to learn about global cultures. Mangaku or more precisely apk is an online platform that allows one to explore and enjoy the magical world of Manga, Japanese graphic novels, or comics that follow a style that originated in Japan in the late 19th century. Simply said, manga is the Japanese word for comics that have gone digital and are widely available across the web as animated versions known as mangaku anime. Besides providing wide access to manga, the platform also allows users to enjoy manhua and manhwa, both comics originating in China and Korea, respectively. 

Mangaku – the magical world of comics

The apk expands the offerings by allowing access to various genres of comics originating in far eastern countries and provides its translation in various languages that help to multiply the viewership. mangaku pro provides the ultimate enjoyment for comic lovers who can spend a long time on the mangaku web to fulfill their appetite for comics and graphic novels. While the apk is most suitable for downloading on your smartphone to enjoy comics anytime, anywhere, an Indonesian website offers similar benefits. Moreover, you can access mangaku live on your PC. To access the comics, you would need a mangaku id.

Features of apk

Besides providing ready access to more than 7,000 titles of comics of various genres, the application has various features to maximize the convenience of readers, especially by making it completely compatible with smartphones. 

Pleasing for the eyes – The application’s interface ensures that it is easy on the eyes so that viewers can spend a long time reading comics. The interface is highly user-friendly and intuitive, encouraging users to explore the application features in-depth for maximum enjoyment. Users can be on their own when using the application and would not need the support of tutorials or any other help. 

Choose your language – To enjoy any manga or manga anime, you must be familiar with the language. Although the manga is Japanese comics, the application offers translation into other languages such as Indonesian and English. The feature not only increases the viewership of the comics offered on the platform but also enhances the convenience of users who can enjoy the content in their chosen language. 

Versatile search engine – The application has a highly versatile search engine capable of interpreting the titles irrespective of the language of the search and matching them with the corresponding original Japanese title to provide the appropriate result. For example, if you search for Attack on Titan in English, the search engine instantly recognizes that you are searching for Shingeki No Kyojin in Japanese. The search engine does the task of relating titles in different languages quite accurately, and you can rely on the displayed results, although the language might differ. English titles are the most popular worldwide and widely used for searching. 

Timely updates – Besides ensuring a deft translation of the titles, the application releases timely updates so that its Indonesian version is immediately available soon after releasing an update in Japanese. 

Zooming features – The zooming features enhance the enjoyment of users many more times as they can magnify or reduce the image size of any selected portions of the comics at will. Smartphone users are well aware of using the zooming features of their device with the help of the index finger and thumb and can use it cleverly for more enjoyment of comics on the mangaku pro platform. The zoom-in feature is especially helpful for those with vision problems, as enlarged images are easy to view. 

Small file size – Despite having many features, the application’s file size is not too large. It occupies little space on your device and allows using many more applications conveniently. The updates are also small so that the overall size of the application does not become too large over time. 

Lucid language – Although the language of comics has its characteristics and conveys various meanings, the phrases and sentences must be easy to read and comprehend. The apk uses a language that is pleasing to read and easy to understand while conveying the message or upholding the mood most appropriately. The app ensures that the translation remains true in the spirit and words of the original language.

 Clear images – The application scans the graphics so accurately that it reproduces high-quality images that look splendid and holds high appeal for viewers who can’t stop appreciating its superb quality.

Diverse offerings – Although apk primarily promotes manga of Japanese comics; it also has titles from comics known as Manhwa and Manhua that originate in China and Korea, respectively. Manhua themes revolve around martial arts techniques and cultivation, while Manhwa themes focus on fantasy and modern game systems. The diverse offerings of the application attract a wider section of viewers who can enjoy the type of comics they like. 

Ads-free viewing – Ads can be a nightmare when viewing anything online because it causes huge distraction and disappoints viewers who stop viewing and leave the platform. Luckily, mangaku pro ensures ad-free comic streaming that ensures viewers more enjoyment.

Bookmarks – The bookmarks feature of the application is highly convenient for viewers as they can selectively mark some titles for reading later. They can create a reading list to enjoy the most-loved comics at their convenience. The feature relieves you from remembering the titles by displaying these time and again so that you need not fear forgetting the title in case you quit reading mid-way and resume later.  

The most attractive aspect of Mangaku is that it’s a free-to-use application you can download without spending a penny.

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