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The high technological impact on the way people consume information and entertainment is evident in the growing popularity of streaming services fueled by the ever-increasing craze for mobile devices.  Since the early 1990s, the concept of video on demand started gaining traction which finally evolved into streaming services that have become a huge global industry. The dependence on TV schedules to watch movies or other programs of sports and entertainment is now a thing of the past. Viewers want absolute flexibility and convenience to enjoy digital entertainment according to their preferred schedule especially when viewing movies. Streaming provides huge options for viewing programs and movies of your choice and according to your convenience and time. Moreover, the accessibility of streaming services on mobile devices allows viewers to have their doses of entertainment on the go.  Online movie hubs like which allow free movie downloads are extremely popular.

What is

The booming business of streaming services is attracting new players in addition to well-known names such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and Max, Hotstar, ESPN, and several others.  Each platform offers a variety of entertainment so that viewers have plenty of choices to subscribe to the services that suit them best. Viewers must balance well their choices with affordability and flexibility to maximize their entertainment.  The leading streaming services allow downloading movies but you have to subscribe to the platform to avail of the feature and view these later on the platform only.  However, affordability has always kept a huge section of the global masses out of the ambit of paid streaming services.

To cater to the demand of the larger section of the audience for free viewing of movies and music, platforms like Netnaija, Africa’s largest movie hub, allow free downloading of world movies of different genres. The platform maintains a huge library of movies from various African countries as well as Indian and Korean movies that have a huge global viewership. All the latest releases of movies of all types- action movies, comedy, horror, Sci-Fi, thriller, and a lot more from various countries are available for free download.  You can create your own library of movies and view them whenever and from wherever you want on mobile devices or PCs.

The platform does not show movies only

A glance at reveals the variety of entertainment provided by the African streaming platform mostly famous for allowing free downloading of Net naija movies.   Besides movies, the website provides numerous free download links to a variety of entreating content such as videos, music, TV series, and even the latest media files. However, the website is accessible only to users of the African continent including Nigeria, Ghana, and other countries. All new releases are available on the website and you can enjoy the most recently released movie by downloading it from the platform.

How to download movies movie download is super easy as it takes only a few clicks or taps to complete the process. However, you need a PC to download movies from the website. To enjoy movies on the go you must download these on your Smartphone for which you must install the Netnaija movies app from the Google Play store.  It means that only Android users can access Netnaija from their smartphones to download their chosen movies that they can enjoy later.

  • Open the Homepage of the website  and select videos from the taskbar.
  • Choose the movie category from the dropdown list that will then lead you to a new page.
  • All movies of the chosen category would appear on the screen in the form of a list.
  • On selecting a movie, a new page would open.
  • Scroll down and you will find the download tab located below the alternative link.
  • On clicking the Download Now tab, the process of downloading begins.

The system will prompt you the complete the downloading process, and you will have the movie stored on your device.

A brief history of netnaija

 The netnaija is the brainchild of Analike Emmanuel Bridge and Okunlola Adekunle Abiodun, Nigerian computer programmers. The duo could envisage the huge business opportunities of streaming services created by the huge demand for free downloading of movies and other content entertainment. It resulted in the launch of the website in March 2009 which became a highly popular platform with a huge repertoire of millions of movies and videos available for free download. The collection includes titles released in countries like the USA, India, Korea, China, Ghana, Nigeria and other African countries. The platform uploads new titles daily and you can enjoy the latest releases without spending a penny. 

Although the platform started as an exclusive site for movie downloads within the next two years it added more categories to enhance the entertainment while attracting a wider section of the audience.  Today, besides movies, the website offers music videos, TV series, and a forum that includes news, lifestyle, health, religion, education, technology, romance, finance, and others. The forum allows users to interact with many others while discussing topics of their choice.

The copyright issue

 While users are extremely happy with endless opportunities for free movie downloads provided by the netnaija platform, they must also be aware of the allegations of piracy that the website faces. Piracy is a worldwide phenomenon that affects the global entertainment industry, especially movies, as filmmakers have to endure heavy losses arising from free streaming and downloads of their content. Infringing on copyrights with utter disdain has been the way for numerous websites that offer free movie downloads.

However, users and fans need not worry about the legality as the onus of infringing copyright rests on the streaming services that lure the audience with pirated content. As long as users can gain access to the platform, they can continue downloading movies free without any worry and enjoy the latest blockbusters from the comfort of their homes or on their smartphones when they are on the move or just relaxing.

As long as Net Naija movies are accessible, just go ahead to download your chosen movie without spending and caring not for morality, legality, and ethics.

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