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What does a Pixelup app do? What characteristics exist? How does it function? What Pixelup app alternatives are there? In our review on Pixelup, every query is addressed.

Undoubtedly, images produced with an iPhone or other high-definition camera look amazing, but always taking authentic, natural photos might not be to your preferred taste. Try using various photo AI Enhancer apps, like Pixelup, and search for the unusual in the commonplace.

Do you want to use Pixelup to improve your photo? But is not aware of the app’s legitimacy. Learn if you can utilize the AI picture enhancer software for your benefit by reading our evaluation of the Pixelup app.


Using the AI-programmed Pixelup, you can improve your images. Through the photo enhancement features of the Pixelup app, you may utilize a recent selfie or an old shot from your camera roll to improve the picture’s appearance.

The main purpose of Pixelup is to improve the quality of your image. With the Pixelup software, you can accomplish anything from low quality to HD resolution. If you don’t want the surroundings to distract you and still want an Outlook with high resolution, the AI technology in the app will also assist you in zooming in a little.


  • Your ancient family photos, nostalgic images, and black-and-white photographs can all be colored.
  • With just one or two taps, you can change the appearance of images. Using animated features, you may bring new or old images to life.


Your old, black-and-white family photos can be updated using the app’s built-in option to add color. Any shot can easily be given color with only one click.

Using the ‘Animate’ tool, you can animate vintage pictures. Your images can be improved and colored, and the “Animate” tool allows you to bring back memories.

With the help of a face animator, the app’s numerous tools may make your images come to life. You may rapidly produce a flawless image or an animated video using Pixelup.

  • Install the Pixelup app on Android.
  • Install the Pixelup iOS app.


Installing the app on your smartphone or tablet is the first step. Almost all brands and models are accessible through the app, which may be downloaded for free. Mobile devices from Apple and Android can be used with it.

After you install the software, turn it on, and the instructions will show you how to improve the quality of your old photos with a few simple adjustments. You have the option of going back and looking for updated features.


This Pixelup app review’s pricing structure is a key consideration. Is this AI booster more reasonably priced than others? Well. The app is free for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but you might need to make in-app purchases to access more features.

The weekly membership fee is $2.41. The cost of in-app purchases ranges from $2.99 to $29.99. For $39.99, you may get a lifetime subscription to Pixelup Premium.


The following is a list of apps that can be used instead of the Pixelup app:

  • Gemini
  • PicPlus
  • Tingo
  • Animatify
  • EnhanceFox

These were the original Pixelup app alternatives; you can find more options online based on differences.


The Pixelup software does a good job at sharpening and enhancing faces but not other image elements. When we tested it on some old camera photographs, the app’s enhancements to the faces were outstanding, but the rest of the body parts were still indistinct.

Opening pictures from the phone doesn’t keep track of the last path taken. Navigating to the folder where the picture is kept takes some time. Both an improvement and a savings advertisement are present in the free plan.

The free version functions ok. However, the app’s obtrusive watermark at the bottom of the image is just obnoxious. With this program, you can do a lot with images. However, the program occasionally crashes repeatedly.

The app’s animation might use some work. Animation results frequently disconnect the head from the face and give an awkward appearance. As seen in the explanations of the videos, animating many faces is difficult. Black and white images can occasionally be colorized incorrectly and leave reddish patches on the skin, especially around the mouth and nose.

Even if ancient B&W photos have been colored, the quality falls short of expectations. The software contains too many and too lengthy adverts. Every time you apply an effect, you have to watch a 30-second ad, so if you are editing a photo with all six effects available, you will have wasted three minutes watching commercials.

Another drawback is the pricing. Most people cannot afford the monthly fee. The weekly edition is expensive, but if you plan to use it regularly, you might want to get the lifetime version.


If you want to add something fresh to ordinary photos, Pixelup AI photo enhancer is your best option. It functions well and doesn’t need a lot of storage. It won’t use much storage, even with in-app purchases.

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