Tips & Tricks for Travel Vlogging for going Friendship Peak Trek



The Friendship Peak Trek is one of the most beautiful yet challenging treks of Himachal Pradesh, from there you can have a beautiful view of some of the famous peaks of the Himalayas such as Pir Panjal and Dhauladahar. On this trek, you will witness the snowfall and an amazing view of some famous snow-covered peaks such as Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, and Indeasen. The view from the top of the summit is so mesmerizing, if you are a Vlogger or photographer, then you can capture some of the best clips for your vlog. Here are some tips & tricks for travel vlogging which will help you create the best vlog.

Tips and tricks for travel vlogging

1. Find your content: 

if you want to create a good vlog make sure that you are focused on a certain activity so that you can make the most out of it on one topic. You should know what your target audience is looking for in a vlog. So, you should plan your content accordingly, try to gain more information on a particular topic, and present it interestingly. 

2. Highlight all the details: 

add up all the little details you can while on the trip, this will make your vlog more interesting, add some funny moments with your friends, and add the places from where you bought gifts for your family members. Small details are also important as the big ones. By adding these your content will look more real. 

3. Include everyone in the vlog: 

if you want to make your vlog more interesting, you should everyone with whom you’ve interacted. You can include your tour guide and driver of the taxi you are traveling in, and local people of the town, you can film anyone you want to, just make sure you get their permission before posting them on social media. Make the video as interesting as it can be, this will entertain your audience. 

4. Do include yourself: 

while filming everyone and everything don’t forget to film yourself, show yourself, tell about your experience, interact with your viewers through the vlog, and tell them how you are enjoying the trip and the difficulties you are facing. make your viewers relate to your experience. 

5. Make sure you have fun: 

add up all the fun you are having on your trip to this vlog, including your experience, what funny moments you shared with your friends, and places you enjoyed the delicious food. Recall the best memory of your trip and share it with your viewers, apart from viewers, create these vlogs for beautiful memories so you can look back on these vlogs in the future and enjoy the memories of your travel. 

Tips & tricks for shooting a vlog

1. shoot horizontally: 

we all know that shooting a video/vlog is easier if we shoot it vertically and it is also good for your social media content, but if you want to make your vlog useful for every platform then you should shoot your video horizontally. 

2. Shoot the vlog in airplane mode: 

while shooting a vlog make sure that you’ve turned off the data of your phone, this will help you shoot a vlog without the interruption of notifications. Turing the airplane mode on is one of the best options if you do so, you don’t even have to worry about someone calling while you are in the middle of shooting a vlog. 

3. Shoot in proper lighting: 

make sure the place where you are shooting your video has good lighting, avoid taking night shots, as some places don’t have sufficient brightness. If you are shooting your vlog indoors, in that case, you can take the help of someone from your group, who can hold a flashlight for you. Avoid shooting in mid-evening, as the shadows will also reflect in the vlog.

4. Keep the camera stable while shooting: 

it is best if you have a tripod for shooting your video, if not then also you can shoot a great video with some tricks, make your the posture of your body is good, and trying to keep your hands stable while shooting. Don’t hold the camera too far from your body, try to show the background while shooting the video. 


Now that you have the best tips & tricks for shooting a vlog, you are ready to create your own. Creating a travel vlog is more than just creating it for viewers, it also records some of the best memories of your trip, the friendship peak offers the best view of some of the famous peaks of the Himalayas, and you can create lots of beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

So, pack your bags, take your camera, and head toward this beautiful peak to create some of the best travel vlogs. Above mentioned tips and tricks will help you throughout the journey. 

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