What is the digital marketing strategy that tracks users across the Web?


Before we try to understand what is the digital marketing strategy that tracks users across the web, let us know the prevailing ecosystem of the world of digital marketing. With the advent of so many different channels and platforms, it often becomes difficult to keep track of the audience. And here is where digital marketing plays a crucial role. 

We have discussed the tools, analytics, and components that have simplified life for businesses and digital marketers. Also, discover the benefits you will derive as a digital marketer. Find out the precautions that you must adopt so that you do not annoy your online prospective leads. 

In a world where our lives are ruled by everything digital, the effects are prominently seen in businesses. Digital marketing has, in particular, proved to be of immense help when promoting products and services. Having said that about the need for digital marketing strategy in businesses and other establishments, let us find out more about the same in the following paragraphs. 

What is the digital marketing strategy that tracks users across the web?

Your strategy must ensure you get the optimum returns for your efforts. The comprehensive strategy aids in tracking the visitors or the users across the web. It must also provide insights and valuable analytics to digital marketers to better understand customers’ interests, habits, and motivations. 

There are several ways in which you can find out the behavior of the users. In this write-up, we will find out these different ways and briefly understand how they function. So, let us delve deeper into the topic and try to find the answer to the query: What is the digital marketing strategy that tracks users across the web?

Measures to adopt for creating a well-planned digital marketing strategy

If you can find the details of the below-mentioned parameters, you are in a better position to work out a marketing campaign that will give you better returns. You have the following options for tracking digital activity.  

Website visits

Monitoring website visits is one of the most crucial parameters for tracking user behavior. It aids marketers in understanding how visitors interact with the websites. Their likes, dislikes, the pages that are most visited and attract visitors the most. Through this avenue, coupled with data analysis, digital marketers can identify the scope of improvement and accordingly make the necessary changes. 

Cookies or Web Beacons

These are small files placed on the user’s device or computer. It is possible to set the cookies or web beacons only when the user visits the website. The function of the small files is the same as the other tools. It is to track the users’ movement and activities while surfing a website. The activities include the types of products they see, the pages they visit, and the duration they surf the website. 

CDPs or Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms are a new type of technology in digital marketing. This aids business entities in managing their customer data, thereby developing a single view of the audience. So, if you want an answer to the digital marketing strategy that tracks users across the web, it would not be wrong to say these days, most of the visitors are using this technology widely. 

With the help of this customer tracking option, you collect and store data from different sources. These include website analytics and CRMs, and the information is used to create a comprehensive image of every customer. 

This allows for creating advertisements that will be more personalized and are usually found to be more effective. 

Content Downloads

The content users download is one of the best ways to assess user engagement and identify trends across various channels. By keeping a tab on the downloaded content, marketers will ascertain those messages and subjects that interest the users or visitors and tailor the campaign accordingly. 

Search Queries

The needs and interests of the customers can be understood with the help of the search queries. This is a valuable information. Analysis of search query data, as a digital marketer, creates invaluable content and targets the right audience. You can customize relevant messages and optimize the campaigns for better output. 

Email Open or Clicks

One of the critical indicators that you can use for campaigns is watching the click-through rate for the emails. You can track when emails were opened or the visitors’ clicks. It will measure how successful a campaign will be so that you can make adjustments accordingly. 

If you are using analytics tools that you can bank upon, you can get an idea about customers’ behavior, preferences, and requirements. This will help you to craft strategies that are workable and ones that will have a positive impact. 

Social Media Engagement

We know that social media platforms are one of the best media and powerful tools to gain customer insights. Likes, comments, and shares allow marketers to enjoy an in-depth look into what will go well with the target audience and adjust the marketing strategies accordingly. 


This process is also known as retargeting in social media marketing. Unlike the methods mentioned above to track user behavior, this process is slightly different. In this process, digital marketers will track and target those visitors or users who have navigated through your website and its content once. Let us understand the process better in the points below.

  • Using a tracking pixel –You use a so-called tracking pixel. It is a small code on the website or the landing page. 
  • Understand users’ needs- With this pixel’s help, you can find out the preferences, actions, and interests of the visitor from your website. 
  • Create targeted advertisement – You can create targeted advertisements. When these users return to your website, tailor-made or customized advertisements following their interests will be displayed. This will be better understood with the help of an example. Let us say you visit an e-commerce site and look for a particular category of product; however, do not make a purchase; as a digital marketer, you can remarket or retarget the product by displaying similar ads for the same product. 
  • Channels of remarketing – There are several channels or avenues through which digital marketing professionals can do retargeting. It can be through email marketing, display networks, social media, and search engines. 

Multiple platforms

Retargeting can be executed across different advertisement platforms. These include displaying advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. In this regard, search engine advertising is not unheard of. 

The main objective of remarketing is to keep the product or the brand just in front of the prospective leads or clients. This usually reminds them that they are interested in that particular product. This digital marketing endeavor also encourages the users to return to the website or the platform so that the user can take a call to action and complete the shopping or purchase process. 

With retargeting, it is even more effective in driving sales and conversions. This is because it will allow you to target those who have already expressed an interest in your services and products. 

Having understood the tools and the analytics you will use to understand the user’s needs, let us find below what you must put in so much effort to thrive in the competition. We can find out the same by highlighting the benefits of the digital marketing strategy that tracks users across the web.

How will the digital marketing strategies benefit you?

As mentioned above, by knowing the behavior of the users, you can customize your marketing endeavors. Similarly, the information you collect from digital analytics will help you make a well-informed decision related to product and service development. 

Not just that, instead of beating around the bush and hitting the target in the dark, you are aware of the target audience. As such, digital marketing strategies can be developed accordingly. 

So, when you are in a position to satisfy your clients or users, you get loyal customers for life, aside from return clients. 

8 Benefits at a glance

Check out the benefits at a glance below-

  1. Utilizing a digital marketing strategy will help you enhance your customer base. 
  2. It assists in fostering online visibility and web presence. 
  3. As stated above, the users’ needs are better assessed, facilitating the creation and development of digital marketing campaigns to reach prospective clients. 
  4. By tracking the digital activities of users, organizations can measure how successful a campaign is in real-time. It enables them to make adjustments. 
  5. Most importantly, it allows for an engaging audience and fosters meaningful interaction. 
  6. The organizations can identify those marketing campaigns that have worked well. By doing so, they can also keep aside or not employ a particular digital marketing strategy that did not yield results, thereby preventing further wastage of time, money, and effort. So, you hit the bull’s eye and do not waste time pursuing the wrong audience. 
  7. Last but not least, there is a marked improvement in visibility. It brings your brand to the forefront. And if customers are convinced enough and like your product, you have perhaps won a loyal client base for life. 

If you leverage the power of digital tools and analytics, you will be successful in your digital marketing campaigns. The best part is that these analytics will help you get the details of the user activities in real-time. A thorough understanding of the same ensures your efforts are successful and assures you a better return on investment (ROI). 

An important aspect that you must keep in mind while finding solutions for the digital marketing strategy that tracks users across the web is that in the case of retargeting, there are some precautions that you must maintain. Although remarketing or retargeting is effective, it may appear a little creepy to the users. 

You might give the users the impression that you are following them on the web and are on close heels everywhere they go. This can be more damaging than beneficial in certain instances. 

Digital Marketing Measures to Adopt

So, under such circumstances, what measures must you adopt so that your users do not think you are following them on the web? The first and most crucial step that you must take under such circumstances is to limit or restrict the frequency of advertisements that you target the users with. 

When it comes to executing the procedures of the most commonly asked query, namely, what is the digital marketing strategy that tracks users across the web, it must be kept in mind that the process must be carried out ethically and transparently. The efforts must be respectful as far as user privacy is concerned. The steps must comply with the relevant guidelines and regulations related to GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation prevalent in Europe or similar norms enacted elsewhere in other regions. 

So, the crux of the matter is that while looking for solutions for the digital marketing strategy that tracks users across the web, it must be done without hurting the users’ privacy and respecting the same instead. In this way, you are bound to get a loyal and faithful customer base who will remain glued to your brand of products and services. 

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