Who will have the last laugh in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?


The 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to be held in Qatar. The tournament will continue from 20th November to 18th December, and it will be an adrenaline-pumping contest among 32 teams. Every team will try their level best to win this trophy. However, certain teams have the edge over the other contenders and are more likely to win this cup. Some of them are elaborated on below. Astrologers’ and bookmakers’ views also somewhat match this. 

1) Argentina – Odds 13/2

This world cup will see Lionel Messi for the last time, and he will be upbeat about lifting the trophy for the first time in his life. In the 2018 world cup, the Argentines lost to the champions France in the quarter-final. They lost to Germany in the final in the 2014 edition of the cup. According to bookmakers, Messi is a strong contender for the Golden Ball, improving Argentina’s chances as a favorite. It might be astonishing for certain football aficionados, but the last one or two years tell a different narrative. 

2) Brazil – Odds 41/10

Brazil lifted the cup five times, and this is one of the pivots fortifying their chances in this tournament. They have a star-studded team, with the team management finding it difficult on whom to omit and whom to keep. Neymar, the PSG Eindhoven star, will lead the attack, and Ederson of Manchester City and Alison Becker of Liverpool are top contenders for the goalkeeping position. Neymar is at 14/1 odds by the bookies for winning the Golden Ball.

3) Spain – Odds 9/1

Red Fury or La Furia Roja is the moniker of Spain. However, the Western European country has failed to meet expectations regarding multinational contests. On numerous occasions, Spain depended on rookie players who eventually botched up in the crucial stages of the game.

The tiki-taka era is a bygone era, and with warhorses like Xavi and Iniesta hanging their boots, the situation has worsened for the Spaniards. Following their European Championship victory in 2012, the country could reach the semifinal stage of a key contest just once, and they lost to Italy in a penalty shootout in Euro 2020. 

Nonetheless, the Spaniards will be upbeat after the runners-up position in the Nations League. Luis Enrique, the team’s manager, anticipates that his team can use this exposure to play better at the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup.             

4) England – Odds 44/5

England ended their Euro 2020 campaign as runners-up. According to bookmakers, the team is the 4th favorite to win the 22nd edition of the cup. Though the English team’s performance has been devastating in the recent past, the abrasive football pattern by the English team manager Gareth Southgate might be a suitable choice for the typically shrewd FIFA matches.

The English squad will be brimming with familiar names as the English Premier League aces will endeavor to get a place in the opening eleven.     

5) France – Odds 7/1

France is the defending champion, but it is arriving at the world cup sans the top performers instrumental behind their unprecedented success in the 2018 cup. This is why bookies are not finding France a top contender in the contest. 

Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante, the two-star midfielders, are down and out of the contest with knee and hamstring injuries. Jules Kounde and Raphael Varane are vulnerable and might not show up in the competition due to thigh injuries.      

Despite these concerns, bookies are awarding 7/1 odds to the French football team with expectations concentrated on Karim Benzema, the Ballon-d’Or champ, and the rookie Kylian Mbappe of PSG Eindhoven. Kylian is also the top choice among the odds to earn the Golden Ball; the award conferred to the best performer in the tournament. 

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