May 5, 2023

Character AIChatbots Expected to Overtake Other Trends in the Fandom

The online fandom community has criticized recent developments in disruptive technology, denouncing, for instance, cryptocurrencies and the pervasive scraping of artwork for the training of character ai programs. In recent months, we’ve already observed hints of fandom adopting a tactic akin to artificial text generators.  In recent months, we’ve already observed hints of fandom adopting a tactic...
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4 Disadvantages of Drinking Lemon Water Regularly

Some experts and celebrities recommend lemon water for its many health advantages, which include preventing dehydration, promoting weight loss, and assisting with digestion. Too much of a good thing may be dangerous, as is true for most things in life. Here are four disadvantages of drinking lemon water that can occur if you consume too much. What...
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Everything You Need To Know About Green Comet 2023: A Rare Shooting Star

Last month, did you notice the Green Comet 2023? It was a little challenging to see the frosty visitor in February with the unaided eye, but that may not be the case with a much brighter “new” comet that scientists have recently discovered. Except for its orbit, which will bring it closest to Earth in October...
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New IRS Mileage Rate 2023 and Vehicle Value Limitations for Taxpayers

Mileage para diem is another name for the IRS Mileage Rate 2023. The IRS, or international revenue services, has set this as the default fee per mile. Taxpayers who use their vehicles for work, charity, or other medical activities are subject to this standard rate. We will discuss the new 2023 IRS Mileage Rate in this...
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