An In-Depth Analysis: The Case Study of SK Inc.


About Company

SK Inc. is an IT services provider and holding company with its central office in Seoul, South Korea. The firm is split into Business Division and Investment Division.

The Investment Division of SK Inc. runs in the form of a holding company involved in telecom, petroleum, chemicals, retail and wholesale, biotechnology, semiconductors, and other sectors.

It is the holding company of the key subsidiaries of the SK Group comprising the following:

  • SK Telecom
  • SK Innovation
  • SK Networks
  • SKC
  • SK Biopharmaceutical
  • SK Materials 

SK Inc. C&C, the business segment of the company, delivers software development and design, system integration, advisory services, and data processing.

What was the earlier name of SK Inc.? 

Earlier, SK Inc. was known as SK Holdings.

What type of company is SK Inc.?

SK Inc. is a publicly-traded company.

To which industry does SK Inc. belong?

The company belongs to the IT services and conglomerate industries.

When was the company established?

The company came into existence in 1991; thirty-one years back.

How many people work for SK Inc.?

As of 2021, the company has recruited 4,193 employees.


SK Holdings was set up after SK Group resolved to restructure SK Corporation, the largest refiner in South Korea into a parent company composition following a prestigious conflict with Sovereign Asset Management, a Dubai-oriented asset management company in 2003.

Despite Sovereign’s letdown to expel Chey Tae-won, the scam-ridden chairman, SK attempted to boost lucidity and corporate governance to thwart additional demands from protesting investors. SK Corporation was divided into two units in 2007, with SK Energy taking over the fundamental dealings and SK Holdings functioning as a parent company with shares in different associates of the SK Group corporation.

Notwithstanding the shake-up, regular apprehensions had been elicited on the wobbly composition of corporate governance.

Though SK Holdings was a parent company, SK C&C, the information technology services provider of SK regulated the group via its 31.8% interest in SK Holdings.

Consequently, there was a merger between SK C&C and SK Holdings executed by SK to rationalize its administrative setup in 2015.

As a result of the merger between the two organizations, Chey Tae-won, the chairman of the group and his associated groups could own over a 30% interest in the freshly-formed SK Holdings.

It consolidated their proprietorship in comparison to the pre-amalgamation when the interest of Tae-won in pre-SK Holdings was just 0.02%.

SK Holdings altered its name to SK Inc. in 2021.

SK Inc. management

Jang Dong-hyun (Vice Chairman & CEO)

Jang, Dong Hyun serves as the present Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of SK Inc. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of SK Planet Co., Ltd and the CEO of SK Telecom Co., Ltd.

Chey Tae-won (Chairman & CEO)

Chey Tae-won was born on December 3, 1960. He is also known as Anthony Chey, his English name. Tae-won is a South Korea-based business mogul. Chey serves as the SK Group chairman, and SK Group is the 2nd biggest corporation in Korea that principally participates in chemicals, energy, semiconductor, telecom, and biopharmaceutical production.

Chey is mostly famous for the SK Hynix amalgamation merger pact of the group, which ultimately turns into the 4th biggest integrated circuit manufacturer in the world after Samsung Electronics, TSMC, and Intel.

As of 2021 June, Chey ranks as the fourteenth wealthiest individual in South Korea with a projected net worth of US$ 3.6 billion. He receives the lion’s share of his wealth from SK Inc., the parent organization of SK Group.

Tae-won has functioned as the Chairman of KCCI (the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry) since 2021 March. He is a spokesperson for businessmen in Korea.

Chey Tae-won did his BA from Korea University and received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He is married and has four kids.

Park Sung-ha (Chief Executive Officer and President)

Park Sung-ha serves as the current CEO and President of SK Inc. He also is the Head of the Strategy Assistance Group of the SK SUPEX Council and Head of the Portfolio Management Unit, SK Inc.

Cho, Dae Sik (Inside Director)

Cho, Dae Sik serves as the Inside Director and the present Chairman of the SUPEX Council. He is one of the CEOs of SK Inc. and the Head of the Business Assistance Unit of SK Inc.

Other than those mentioned above, some independent directors are working for SK Inc. and they are as follows:

  • Lee, Chan Keun
  • Yeom, Jae Ho (Chairman of the Board)
  • Jang, Yong Suk
  • Kim, Byoung Ho
  • Kim, Seon-hee

What are the subsidiaries of SK Inc.?

The subsidiary organizations of the company are as follows:

  • SK Telecom
  • SK Innovation
  • SK Networks
  • SK Biopharmaceuticals
  • SK E&S
  • SK Siltron
  • SK Pharmteco
  • SK Forest
  • SK Square

What are the four core domains of SK Inc.’s investment?

The four fundamental domains of SK Inc.’s investment are:

  • Advanced materials
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Digital and others
  • Green energy

The investment planning of SK Inc. depends on three key aspects and they are:

  • Seeding portfolio
  • Growth Portfolio
  • Divest/harvest

What are the major strengths of SK Inc.?

SK Inc. has fortified its presence in the global scenario due to the following factors:

  • Investment skills
  • The stellar performance of SK Inc. subsidiaries
  • Setting up a worldwide ecosystem, supported by effective investiture

SK Inc. Consolidated Financial Statement (Units are in 100 million Korean Won ₩) 

Non-Current Assets1,161,877
Current Assets491,932
Total Assets1,653,809
Non-Current Liabilities548,409
Current Liabilities449,749
Total Liabilities998,158
Other Paid-up Capital64,453
Retained Earnings140,656
Non-Controlling Interests443,168
Elements of Other Stockholders` Equity7,213
Total Equity655,651
Total Liabilities and Equity1,653,809

SK Inc. stock performance

The common stocks of SK Inc. are traded on the Korea Exchange (KRX) with the ticker symbol 034730.

On November 11, 2022, SK Inc. (KRX: 034730) ended trading at 227,000.00 Won (₩) with the data provided below at 3:30 pm KST (Korean Standard Time).

Stock chart

Day’s Open₩ 225,500.00
Previous Close₩ 220,000.00
Intraday High₩ 229,000.00
Intraday Low₩ 224,000.00
52-week Range₩ 191,500.00 – 271,500.00
1-day change₩ +7,000.00
Price (Closing)₩ 227,000.00
Volume traded158,717
Ask227,000.00 x 0
Bid226,500.00 x 0
Average volume107,541
Earnings Per Share (Trailing 12 Months)    Not available
Market capitalization 12.943 Trillion
Price Earning Ratio (Trailing 12 Months)Not available
Earnings dateNovember 14, 2022 – November 18, 2022
One-year target estimate₩ 360,000.00
Beta (5-Year Monthly)         0.93
Ex-dividend dateJune 29, 2022
Forward dividend and yield(3.58%) 8,000.00

What are SK Inc’s views as far as CSR is concerned?

As far as corporate social responsibility (CSR) is concerned, SK Inc. renders a business model that the mankind and market wish via dependable ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management. The system-oriented ESG management adopted by the company ensures corporate sustainability. The company also pursues an ESG-focused investment method to develop a sustainable portfolio with investment decisions from an ESG viewpoint and analysis.

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