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If you have ever tried to find some similarity between casinos and Roblox, you are not alone. However, before drawing comparisons, you should know what is Roblox. It’s a virtual playhouse for playing video games created by other developers. Players must visit the Roblox platform in the same way they visit casinos for playing games for thrill, enjoyment, and fun. Another similarity between visiting casinos and the Roblox site is that both entail some spending. 

In casinos, you spend money to make more or empty your pockets, while when visiting Roblox, you spend Robox, a virtual currency making in-game purchases. The similarity ends here. After all, Roblox will never return you empty-handed, as it often happens with most casino visitors, because it is a gaming platform and a storefront. Since 2021, the internet has been abuzz about what is happening to Roblox 2022.

What is happening to Roblox2022?

Since its launch in 2006, Roblox, the gaming platform, has seen its popularity growing steadily. The platform is ideal for game developers to showcase their creativity while many others can play these games together. The highly interactive and creative platform is a gamer’s paradise as they can build communities and play with others across various devices with cross-platform support. The game’s easy accessibility from any point on the planet aided the growing popularity that compelled Roblox Corporation, the company behind it, to expand the data centers rapidly. Players who turn into game developers are diehard fans of the gaming platform. As per official records, as of the third quarter of 2022, the platform had a global user base of more than 58.8 million, much higher than the peak figure of 52.2 million users during the Covid19 pandemic. 

However, since 2019, rumors have started spreading about the possibility of the game shutting down on March 22, 2020. Players and gaming enthusiasts waited with bated breath to see what would happen. However, when the time came, the game did not shut down; instead, the world was under extended lockdown while combating the Covid19 pandemic. Interestingly, this was when the game’s popularity peaked as the user base touched 52.2 million. 

Rumors are rumors, after all, and nothing happened as many had thought, and the company confirmed that the news of the shutdown was fake.

The uncertainty continued

Despite hundreds and thousands of gamers using the Roblox platform with increased enthusiasm during the pandemic in 2020, it could not deter the rumor mills. Rumors started building up afresh, but Roblox was working its way ahead. However, the fear of the platform becoming inaccessible made gamers wary. Although the community of gamers kept playing and creating games, they were never comfortable with the wave of rumors swirling around. Gamers were curious to know the truth and kept asking what was happening to Roblox. 

A positive perspective

To end speculations, in 2021, Roblox Corporation announced that it had a vision of raising its revenue from $40 million to $50 million by 2022. Creators can hope to earn $100 million from the platform that currently features approximately 50 million games. Going by the facts presented by the company that promises higher payouts to creators and looking toward expansion, there is no reason to believe in rumors about the death knell of Roblox. Still, rumor mongers are hard to deal with, and they held on to their positions while spinning rumors about a possible shutdown. They kept renewing their fear-mongering efforts, and the company countered through official announcements declaring that the news of the shutdown was a hoax. 

Outages add to the woes of gamers.

Although the official announcements gave confidence to Roblox users, a series of outages since October 2021 fanned the rumor mills. The scary users presumed it to be a shutdown. However, it took some time for people to realize that what happened was a massive worldwide outage of the Roblox platform, and there was no possibility of a shutdown. Meanwhile, there were more outages in the subsequent months. An incidence of outage occurred on May 4, 2022. Those spreading rumors were quick to latch on to the opportunity and started a fresh campaign about an impending shutdown. Since January 2022, rumors resurfaced with extended timelines, as they had been happening since 2019. With each year passing, and Roblox going from strength to strength, rumors never ceased. Confusion prevailed, and users wanted to know why is Roblox down.

Rumors are spreading like wildfire, but …

The rumor campaign that started in October has now started spreading like wildfire in December, predicting a shutdown from January 2023. The company has not yet made any official announcement to counter the fake news about a possible shutdown. Instead, amid a heavy flow of rumors, the company launched new Avatars and is celebrating 2022 by publishing an official Yearbook. A few days away from the New Year, the company’s move has yielded the right results by giving confidence to users that what they are hearing about the Roblox shutdown is completely baseless and false. It’s also the perfect answer for those asking what is wrong with Roblox.

 Keep Playing games online free of cost.

Using your Roblox login, you can continue playing and creating games online in 2023As Roblox gift cards are still available on Amazon and other online stores, it’s a sure sign about the continuity of the platform, which otherwise would have announced shutdown. You can pick your Roblox gift card of the desired denomination and spend the Robux on the Roblox storefront to buy new items for your Avatar while enjoying additional perks for your favorite games. 

Play games via Cloud

Roblox is accessible from all devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, the visually heavy content of video games occupies a large amount of storage space on the devices that might sometimes affect the gaming experience by slowing down the devices. Moreover, playing games drain the device’s battery faster, and recharging the device often can be quite disappointing, especially when you play games from mobile devices. Moreover, the gaming experience on mobile devices is far from satisfactory because of various technical limitations. The poor graphics quality, rapid battery drainage, and overheating of the devices can mar the gaming experience.  

To overcome the issues faced with storage and battery, you can now play Roblox on the Cloud. It allows mobility while conserving data and protecting the battery of the device. By logging on now.gg Roblox you can access the Roblox gaming eco-system to satisfy your creative needs of developing games and even playing games developed by others. 

By now, you must have gotten your answer about what is happening to Roblox 2022. Rest assured that Roblox will keep supporting your gaming endeavors in 2023 in much better ways than it did in the past. Brush away the rumors, and enjoy the best gaming experience without concern about Roblok’s demise. 

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