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APAP members can use their apap login credentials to stay abreast of the current affairs and developments in the world of performing arts. They not only stay well informed but get the scope to educate themselves and update their knowledge to do better in their respective fields. Those new to the acronym APAP and perhaps hearing it for the first time might like to know the apap full form. Association for Performing Arts Professionals is the full form of the acronym – a global organization that works for the advancement of performing arts. The organization’s mission that will come know about from this article should help better understand what is apap.

However, before discussing the organization’s various facets, let us first clarify the procedure of logging in to the APAP website.  

Create an account for apap login 

Providing an email address is mandatory for creating your APAP account as it sets up the communication channel with the organization for receiving information, news, and updates regularly. 

To authenticate your credentials, you need to provide a government ID such as a driver’s license or passport that helps to verify your age and identity.

Moreover, you may have to provide additional documents, such as your educational status or proof of current employment, to access specific areas on the association’s website. 

After completing the above steps, you will be ready to log in to the website in a few more steps. 

  • Search for the APAP website on your browser.
  • On clicking the website link, you will reach the website’s home page, where the login tab is brightly visible in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Clicking on the login tab leads to a new page where you have to enter your login credentials – username and password.
  • On entering the login credentials, you can access your account page.

On your account page, you can view all information related to your account, including current subscriptions, past orders, and other relevant details. 

Registering a new account

You must register a newly created account with the Association, and the process is quite simple. 

Click on the Registration link visible at the top of the home page.

In the next step, fill out a brief form to provide details like your name, email address, and contact details. Before completing the registration process, click on the box to accept the terms and conditions. 

Upon completing the registration, you will get access to all APAP services, such as resources and events that are exclusively available to members. 

You will be eligible to receive the monthly newsletter that apprises you about what is happening in the world of performing arts and the opportunities to gain professional mileage from it. 

What is the association about?

The Association of Performing Arts Professionals is a New York City-based international body founded in 1960. The organization’s mission is to promote connections between presenters, artists, managers, agents, and other performing arts professionals worldwide. With 5,000 members from different parts of the world, APAP provides various services by organizing professional development programs and widespread networking opportunities. The organization also facilitates the public’s better understanding of performing arts through educational programs and advocacy initiatives. In addition, the organization provides a sound base for research and holds an annual conference attended by people from various parts of the world. 

The conference provides an opportunity to showcase innovative performances and workshops conducted during the period and helps in advancing the causes of career development, marketing, diversity, technology, and more. Anyone interested in making a career in performing arts will benefit immensely from the organization’s initiatives. 

Benefits of becoming a member

  • Every member of the organization is entitled to special offers and exclusive discounts from reputable organizations related to the industry allied to performing arts.
  • Members can attend various workshops and events organized by the Association to gain valuable insights on relevant topics such as finance, marketing, and legal matters.
  • Attending the events and staying active through participation help members establish a network with other professionals in the field by connecting to their peers and affinity groups.
  • The professional development resources provided by the Association in the form of online courses and webinars are of great help to the members who stay updated on industry practices and trends. 
  • The monthly newsletter meant for the members is a valuable resource to stay updated with all news and information regarding the developments and events occurring worldwide in various performing arts areas. In addition, it provides opportunities for professional development in the form of job postings, funding and grant opportunities, and more.   

Being a member of the Association can help to advance career prospects in performing arts by gaining access to the greatest community of performing arts professionals throughout the year. 

Membership types

Although all members enjoy the same kind of rights and privileges according to the Association’s mission and terms and conditions, there are different categories of memberships according to the member’s professional role. The membership fees vary according to the type of membership. 

If you are a presenter whose job is to present artists and/or pay their fees or find artists, managers, and agents for performances, then you have to pay an annual membership fee of $300 and above. The same fees are payable by artists, managers, and agents.

 If you are a vendor who provides goods to arts organizations and artists, you must pay $450 as membership fees. The same applies to consultants providing consultancy services to art organizations and artists.

 Membership Support is available for non-profit organizations that do not pay artists’ fees and do not present performing arts. The applicable membership fee is $475.

Small and mid-size presenter (SAMP), Individual Performing Arts Professional (iPAP), and Artists Access membership fees is $100.

Student membership costs $50, and those who have been APAP members for ten years or more and a retirees from the field are eligible for free Emeritus membership. 

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