Yo Whatsapp download- What makes it a good option?


Among all the mods, Yo Whatsapp is the better version of what we have been using all these days, WhatsApp. Now, you can get the most recent YoWhatsapp equipped with most of the features a communication app must possess. 

One of the main USPs of the new mod version is that you can do a lot of privacy has been your main concern all these days. So, more about the other features of the Yo Whatsapp 8.16 download below.

Yo Whatsapp download – Will you be benefited? 

Before we proceed further, it is important to clarify that mod here means a modified version of the original and official WhatsApp. 

Specifications of YoWhatsApp briefly.

The table below will give a clear picture of the new version. 

Name of the App- YOWhatsApp
License- Freeware
Current Version – v9.52 & 19.52.3
Android Requirement- 4.0 Android
Price – Free
Size of File- 56 MB
File Category- Communication

What are the features of YOWhatsApp? 

Find out more about the features in the paragraph that follows. 

  • Yo Themes – Changing themes has never been this exciting before. One of the best features that this mod version of WhatsApp has is changing themes. You can also create your theme and share it with your loved ones. 
  • Emoji collection is the best – Using emojis can make your messages more attractive and interesting and help you communicate better. If Yo Whatsapp app download is what you aim at, you can enjoy a wide array of emojis. 
  • YO Stickers – Another feature that you will enjoy in the mod version of WhatsApp is the ease of using stickers. While you can enjoy just a few stickers in the original version of WhatsApp, the Yo WhatsApp download version has 1000 plus stickers. Not only that, but you will also be able to create stickers and share them. 
  • Hide the online status – In the original version, if you want to chat, the recipient of the message and you are visible as online in the chat window. Others will be able to view your online status as well. With the latest version, you can hide your online status so that those who do not want to reveal your online status will not be able to do so. 
  • You can hide the last seen – It is not just your online status but your last seen status on Yo Whatsapp. 
  • Send large audio and video files – As far as video clips are concerned, with the new mod version, send videos of sizes up to 700MB in comparison to the 25MB prevalent in the version that we have been using all this while. 

If you plan to opt for Yo Whatsapp apk download, you can send audio files up to size 100MB in contrast to the usual size of 25 MB that we presently use. 

  • Better and improved privacy – When it comes to privacy, you can be assured that Yo Whatsapp offers far better privacy than official WhatsApp. From locking chats with the help of the face identification feature and fingerprint to the usual password, you can use any. Hiding conversations from contacts is allowed as well. 
  • Backup Data – YOWhatsApp is different in terms of Backup. While the official app only supports Google Drive, YOWhatsApp supports Mega cloud storage and Dropbox. Backing up chats and settings is possible in the mod version. 
  • Messages can be sent to unsaved numbers – If you do not have a few numbers saved and do not prefer to, you can send messages to unsaved numbers. 
  • Multilingual support – The developer of YOWhatsApp has claimed that the mod version of the messaging app is available in more than a hundred languages. And we know this language is not available in the official or the original version. 
  • Choose your font style – Changing the messenger’s font has never been this easier. This feature is not available in the official version. But you can enjoy the feature in the new one. 
  • Altering the code – Icon packs are available in YOWhatsApp download packs. You can change it according to your preferences. 
  • Anti-delete message – We have seen that once you delete a message in the official version, it is unavailable or not visible. However, in the new mod, deleted messages can be viewed. 
  • Do not allow unwanted calls – This new feature is available in the YOWhatsapp apk download version. If you do not want to be disturbed, activate this feature. 

Aside from the above features, you must use this mod to enjoy them. Submitting a full-resolution picture, freezing the last scene, showing blue ticks when you reply, personalizing wallpapers, and disabling playback sound notifications are a few of the other features of the new mod. 

Yo Whatsapp download – What are the steps to follow? 

It is not a herculean task to download the new version of WhatsApp, and you can follow the steps below. 

  1. If you wish to install the APK files, allowing installation from unknown sources is mandatory. 
  2. Once you have done this step, click on the download button 
  3. Make sure you have stable internet connectivity for smooth downloads.
  4. Look for the APK file of the YOWhatsapp you just downloaded.
  5. Initiate the installation process
  6. Open the mod version and type in the number that you would like to use the new app with
  7. Providing personal information and entering a few more fields will allow you to enjoy the app. 

Before wrapping up the article, let us quickly review the pros and cons of the Yo Whatsapp app download file. 

Pros of Yo Whatsapp app download mod

Check out the benefits of using the new mod below-

  • With the help of the new custom look, you get a new look for the new messaging app.
  • The Yo Whatsapp app has allowed you to share more photos.
  • The anti-delete status and feature will allow you to see the message in your chat window even after the sender deletes the message he has sent. 
  • Activate DND or the Airplane Mode so that you get a seamless experience using the phone when you do not need WhatsApp. 

Cons of Yo Whatsapp app 

The cons are just a few of them and fewer in number than the pros. These are-

  • You will not be able to backup data to Google Drive
  • Since the mod version is not official, there might be security breaches
  • YOWhatsapp is a little slower than the official WhatsApp. 

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