BTS: The Rise and Journey of Global K-Pop Icons


BTS, also called the Bangtan Boys, is a boy band based in South Korea. The band came into existence in 2010 and made its debut under the banner of Big Hit Entertainment in 2013.

The group is a septet which means it comprises seven members. Initially, BTS began its journey as a hip-hop band. Nevertheless, their musical approach has transformed to incorporate various genres. BTS’s lyrics have frequently talked about psychological conditions, the hassles of school-age juvenility, reaching the age of maturity, failure, the voyage towards narcissism, and selfishness.

Besides, BTS’s creation often cites philosophy, emotional theories, and writings and incorporates a parallel universe plot line.

What are the different names for which the band is known?

The following names also know the famous South Korean boy band:            

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan
  • Bangtan Boys
  • Bulletproof Boy Scouts
  • Beyond the Scene

What are the various musical genres to which BTS belongs? 

BTS belongs to the following genres:

  • K-pop 
  • Hip hop 
  • Pop 
  • EDM
  • R&B 

For how many years has BTS been active?

BTS has been actively performing since 2013.

What are the labels of BTS records?

The various labels under which BTS launched their records are:

  • Big Hit 
  • Def Jam Japan 
  • Pony Canyon 
  • Universal
  • Columbia 

Who are the current members of the band?

Presently, the South Korean boy band comprises the following members:

  • Suga – rapper
  • Jin – singer
  • RM – lead singer, rapper
  • J-Hope – rapper
  • V – singer
  • Jimin – singer
  • Jungkook – singer

Suga, Jin, RM, J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Jungkook are the co-producers and co-writers of most of their creations.

How did it start for BTS?

BTS came into existence in 2010, when the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si-hyuk, wished to create a hip-hop band about Kim Namjoon (RM), an alternative rap music performer who was long familiar with the musical setting in Seoul. Initially, people assumed BTS to be a rap music band. Nonetheless, viewing diminishing album sales, Si-hyuk altered his strategies, considering a distinct itinerary would be additionally viable.

Bang preferred to differ from the typical, extremely organized icon bands and form a group where the group members would be soloists instead of an assembly and liberated to articulate themselves.

In 2010, auditions took place with preparations for an initial campaign to launch the next year. The group members shared a joint household, rehearsing up to fifteen hours per day, and their opening show was in 2013 before a tiny bunch of business insiders.

Who are the major influencers of BTS?

The following artists have primarily influenced BTS:

  • Nas
  • Seo Taiji and Boys
  • Kanye West
  • Eminem 
  • Post Malone 
  • Drake 
  • Danger   
  • Charlie Puth

What are some of the top Korean language studio albums from BTS? 

Some of BTS’s top studio albums released in the Korean language are:

  • Wings – 2016
  • Dark & Wild – 2014
  • Map of the Soul: 7 – 2020
  • Love Yourself: Tear – 2018
  • Be – 2020

What are some of the popular Japanese-language studio albums from BTS?

BTS released the following studio albums in the Japanese language:

  • Youth -2016
  • Wake Up – 2014
  • Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey – 2020
  • Face Yourself -2018

In which films did the BTS members act?

The BTS members acted in the following movies and online shows:


  • Love Yourself in Seoul -2019
  • Burn the Stage: The Movie -2018
  • Break the Silence: The Movie -2020
  • Bring the Soul: The Movie -2019

Online shows

  • BTS In the Soop (broadcasted from 2020–2021) 
  • Run BTS (2015–present) 

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