Ezra Miller faces 26 years in prison if convicted of felony burglary charges in Stamford, Vermont


Controversy and legal troubles are part of Ezra Miller’s life. The actor is known for his roles in ‘Fantastic Beasts and ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower and faces legal action again for an incident in Stamford, Vermont, on May 1. Miller faces the accusations of breaking into a home in Vermont that day, and the authorities have brought felony burglary charges against him.     

The charges against Miller, 30, clearly accuse him of breaking into his neighbor’s house and escaping with three bottles of liquor. The latest incident is among Miller’s several earlier run-ins with the law when he was arrested twice this year for disorderly and erratic behavior in various incidents in Dakota, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. These allegations include manipulating, intimidating, disorderly conduct and endangering people, grabbing a woman by the throat, grooming minors, throwing a chair at a woman, and more.    

Miller’s Court appearance 

On October 17, Monday, Miller appeared briefly but remotely (via video link) along with his lawyer at the Green Mountain State’s Superior Court in Vermont for a session in the court’s criminal division. The charges originate from the incident in Vermont for stealing liquor bottles, as stated above. According to the accusation, Miller broke into his neighbor’s home to lay his hands on the liquor bottles in the pantry and escaped with them. The total value of the stolen goods is less than $900. Although Miller pleaded not guilty to the felony burglary charges, he could face a maximum prison term of 26 years and pay more than $2,000 in fines if convicted. 

Judge Kerry McDonald-Cady granted approval but instructed Miller to stay away from the affected homeowner and another Vermont resident and fixed the next hearing for the case on January 13, 2023. Meanwhile, the judge also instructed Miller to inform the plaintiff’s attorney of their address and phone number.

Miller appeared calm throughout the session, and when the judge asked whether they understood the conditions of release, he responded affirmatively.   

Miller’s version of the incident

Miller’s representative clarified that the home supposedly burgled by Miller was of his childhood friend. The acquaintance with the residents made the actor believe they could enter the home to collect some rice wine while they were cooking alongside their mother. The representative clarified that Miller did not realize that the friend was no longer interested in the friendship. 

 Earlier accusations against Miller

In March, when Miller was in Hawaii, the local police brought charges of disorderly conduct and harassment against him. While elaborating on the incident, the police said that the actor became rude to people at a karaoke bar, was agitated, and began a volley of verbal abuses and obscenities.

In June, Miller was accused of grooming a teenager Tokata Iron Eyes, 18 years old. The teenager’s parents filed a domestic violence protection order against Mille, accused of emotional and physical abuse. Both parties involved have denied the allegations. 

Recently, Miller issued a statement admitting that he is suffering from complex mental health issues and have begun treatment and apologized to everyone. 

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