CDC Updates Kids’ Schedule: FDA Greenlights Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines


CDC has set the stage for Pfizer and Moderna to receive permanent legal indemnity from Covid vaccine injury liability, courtesy of CDC. Since Pfizer and Moderna developed their mRNA Covid vaccines, legal experts have been suspicious about Big Pharma and the Biden administration working hand in glove to delay the rollout of FDA approved Covid vaccine. The skeptics believed a process was in place to protect these two companies from legal liability for vaccine injuries. Now the suspicion will turn true as the CDC vote on Thursday would endorse the process of adding the mRNA injections of the drug companies to the child and adolescent immunization schedules.

Thursday’s voting is a clear sign that the game that started in March 2020 is about to end.

Big Pharma’s Playbook

Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines once touted as a cure to the coronavirus, were nothing short of catastrophic failure because of a side effect profile many times higher than advertised. But the Big Pharma companies know well how to play safe despite the limitations of their products in combating the novel coronavirus. The drug makers successfully maneuvered their fraudulent and deceptive marketing campaigns with assistance from high-profile pharma executives and top federal officials to convince millions of Americans to take the shots that were not only less effective than claimed but also much more dangerous for young men in particular. In March 2020, Pfizer and Moderna received protection from the government that gave emergency use authorization of shots by invoking the Prep Act of 2005, which gave the companies a tort liability shield during a public health emergency. 

Billions of liability-free dollars

The move described above helped Pfizer and Moderna earn billions of dollars free from legal liability by cashing on the Covid mania. It was a windfall for the board members and executives beyond their wildest dreams. All credit goes to Big Pharma’s successful plotting of the regulatory capture of Government Health in connivance with corrupt bureaucrats willingly complying with the companies’ call. Despite the shortcomings of the shots, countless Americans harmed by the junked product do not have any legal recourse for justice and compensation. 

Implications of the legal indemnity

CDC’s move to add the shots to the child immunization schedule will have far-reaching implications and immensely benefit Pfizer and Moderna. Liability for vaccine injuries will henceforth rest with the federal government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) due to the formal transfer of the liability by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Until now, the USA does not have any FDA-approved Covid vaccine. But after Thursday, both companies can finally introduce an FDA-approved shot in the market without worrying about lawsuits. 

If protection from legal liability was not enough to ridiculously inflate the coffers of the pharma companies, they would experience another windfall. Children attending public schools will have to get the shots mandatorily, and it would create a perennial revenue stream of billions of liability-free dollars for the companies. It’s like the topping on the cake. 

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