Eurotunnel discount perfectly blends savings and convenience


The easiest way to travel between England and France is to take the Eurostar train service or drive from London to Paris or vice versa through the Eurotunnel or Channel Tunnel, which runs 40 meters beneath the English Channel. Besides Eurostar and freight trains, Eurotunnel Shuttles ply along the two single-track monodirectional tunnels. The south tunnel is for Eurotunnel Shuttles that travel from France to the UK, and the north tunnel is for traveling in the opposite direction. LeShuttle, formerly known as Eurotunnel LeShuttle, is a railway shuttle service between Folkstone near Kent in the UK and Coquelles near Calais in France. Prices for the LeShuttle depend on the vehicle size, with or without attachments and trailers, and the kind of ticket you purchase. 

In addition, the Eurotunnel discount allows plenty of opportunities for saving. 

However, before discussing discounts, let us look at London and Paris’s driving modalities and advantages.

The specialty of LeShuttle

 LeShuttle uses train services to transport cars through the Channel Tunnel. It means that you need not drive from London to Paris but instead avail of the LeShuttle services to take your vehicle to the other coast of the English Channel. Upon reaching the LeShuttle terminal with a valid ticket, you must hand over the vehicle to them for onward transportation to the destination by loading it in special rail cars. Trains can travel through the tunnel at a maximum speed of 100 miles per hour or 160 km per hour, and it takes about 35 minutes for trip completion. The tunnel’s longest section, 37.8 km, runs under the sea and is the longest in the world. 

Eurotunnel’s fleet consists of 58 Class 9 locomotives, 15 heavy vehicles shuttle trains for goods and nine shuttle trains for passenger vehicles. 

Travel in your style. 

Driving from London to Paris is the preferred mode of travel for those who want a comfortable journey with enough flexibility and is the most popular too. You can have a peaceful journey without paying fees per person or worrying about luggage restrictions. Moreover, the timetable is much more flexible than trains or flights, and traveling by the Eurotunnel takes the least time between the cities compared to crossing the channel on a ferry. 

Road travel gives you a lot of choices of vehicles because LeShuttle can handle a variety of vehicles, including cars, vans, minibusses, high vehicles, electric cars, caravans, campervans, and trailers, as well as coaches, bicycles, and motorcycles. You can even book a modified vehicle especially made for your needs. However, you need to register the vehicle’s status as an adapted vehicle by providing evidence of the modifications or the special requirements. However, booking modified vehicles is available only to travelers with restricted mobility. To ensure maximum convenience for travelers (customers) LeShuttle allows you to change the vehicle details on arrival on paying the differential price, but subject to availability.

Carrying cars with passengers

The rail cars are suitable for accommodating vehicles of different sizes, big and small. If traveling in your car, you must drive into a special container shuttle while remaining seated. The special container is the LeShuttle which moves upon the rails after the container is loaded on a train. Only vehicles that use non-inflammable fuels are suitable for transportation by LeShuttle. Therefore, if your vehicle uses CNG, Hydrogen, Autogas, Bifuel, LPG, or CGH2, you cannot avail of the LeShuttle services. 

Travel time and distance from London to Paris

 The standard travel time from London to Paris through the Eurotunnel is about 6 hours, assuming there are no traffic delays. LeShuttle maintains a regular schedule of up to 4 shuttles every hour during the busy times of the year/day. The mentioned drive time is based on optimal traffic conditions, and you should factor in some inevitable delays.

Various online resources, such as Traffic England for the UK and for France’s highways, provide real-time information about the road and traffic conditions to help you estimate the travel time correctly. 

The direct route between London and Paris would mean covering a distance of 415 km or 258 miles and another 54 km or 34 miles for passing through the Eurotunnel.

Types of ticket

LeShuttle offers a wide range of fares to suit your budget and travel needs, whether traveling for pleasure or business. 

All ticket prices include your vehicle and up to 9 passengers. Since availing of the LeShuttle services saves fuel (you are not driving along the stretch of 54 km through the Eurotunnel) and time, it is the most affordable means of reaching France from the UK. 

LeShuttle issues refundable tickets too, which offers more convenience to travelers, and you can choose from five different options.

Short stay saver 

If you are planning for a short trip of less than five days to spend some time in France or the UK, then this type of ticket will cost you £87 per vehicle one way. 


The standard Fare for a single trip or longer stay can cost you £109 per vehicle one way without any limit on the trip duration.

Standard Refundable 

A standard refundable ticket gives you complete peace of mind and would cost you £149 per vehicle one way without any restriction on the trip duration.

Short Stay Flexiplus 

Going for a short break with flexibility adds more fun to the journey, and the ticket price for less than five days is £209 one way.


For complete flexibility of travel with unlimited duration will cost you £269 each way. 

The ticket prices are based on a standard BMW 3 series without accessories. 

Eurotunnel discount ensures a relaxed journey.

Lined with restaurants, shops, and cafes, the LeShuttle terminals are ideal places to relax and have fun on your way to the UK or France in the comfort of your vehicle. Whether you want to grab some last-minute essentials for travel or have a light bite, the range of shops and restaurants is ready to kick-start your travel. By availing of the Eurotunnel discount codes that give easy access to various partner promotions and exclusive deals, you can add more zing to your travel and enhance the fun and enjoyment. The terminals are ideal for relaxing and recharging before making a dash to passport control and boarding the shuttle at the specified time. 

A wide variety of discounts at your fingertips

If you frequently travel between the UK and France, you can join the frequent traveler program at LeShuttle and avail of up to 50% discount on tickets. Discounts up to 30% are available on various promotions, and selected hotel rooms at LeShuttle could help you save as much as 70%. Besides offering discounts in terms of percentage, LeShuttle also offers cash discounts through Super Deals and other shopping incentives starting from as low as £40, which can go up to £209. 

Discount offers are also available for enjoying liquors at half the price at World Duty-Free shop, and similar saving is available on High Street prices. The discounts can change daily; currently, the highest discount Eurotunnel offers is 70%. 

In addition, many other types of discounts, such as savings on cars each way, and 10% off on your first order, are also available. 

Finding the discount codes and vouchers

You can avail of different discount codes and offers by logging on to the website Eurotunnel. Voucher. Discount. 

The second option is to look for vouchers in general by visiting the Eurotunnel website home page and voucher page. Another option to stay informed by Eurotunnel sales events and exclusive offers is to sign up for the Eurotunnel newsletter and email so that you are always in the loop. 

Ways to use a Eurotunnel voucher code

After securing a voucher code from Eurotunnel. Voucher. Discount, visit the website and follow the below steps to explore the options of using the voucher code.

  • Firstly, you can shop online as usual on the website and keep adding items to your shopping basket. 
  • Choose a Eurotunnel voucher code from many codes displayed on the screen and copy the code by pressing the appropriate button.
  • You will find the promotion code box on the basket page and payment for inserting the code where you must paste the Eurotunnel code you copied, followed by pressing the apply button to see how the magic of discount unfolds before you.

 Target more savings

 Besides discount vouchers and codes, there are more ways to increase your savings. Subscribing to Eurotunnel’s mailing list and newsletter opens us new avenues to increase your savings. You will receive regular updates about exclusive events in your inbox. 

  • Focus on the event and promotion page of to discover additional offers. You can also find it on the navigation bar.
  • Signing up for an account with Eurotunnel can signal the start of your savings journey, as every new member receives an exclusive discount. 
  • Since voucher information keeps changing rapidly, you should check the latest Eurotunnel voucher information before purchasing. 

Best days for shopping

 Although you can avail of discount vouchers around the year, you must know the best days for shopping on Eurotunnel to maximize savings by availing of steep discounts. 

Three of the biggest Eurotunnel sales days include Cyber Monday, Prime Day, and Black Friday. The Monday that follows Thanksgiving Day in the United States is Cyber Monday. Amazon Prime members get a special treat on July 15 and 16 on Prime Day. The Friday after Thanksgiving Day in November is Black Friday which falls on November 24, 2023.

 Avail of promotions and offers around the year and more.

 By creating a LeShuttle member account, you get year-round access to competitions, exclusive partner offers, and benefits that are unique to the members. Members can avail of members-only ticket offers and enter competitions every month for free. Moreover, members can manage bookings all in one place and enjoy more convenient and easy bookings in the future as the system uses all your relevant personal data stored in the database. Moreover, members receive exclusive offers from Eurotunnel partners, including the Cinema Society, Into the Blue, and Oliver’s Travels. 

 The new LeShuttle member experience includes special discount vouchers for concessional tickets at various amusement parks and other notable travel spots such as the Bellewarde Aqua park, Disneyland Paris, Walibi Belgium, Nausicaa National Sealife Center, Chateau de Chantilly, and Parc Asterix. In addition, there are exciting lifestyle offers and first-come-first-serve deals together with time-limited monthly ticket offers. 

The Flexiplus advantage

Flexible tickets come with exclusive lounge access allowing travelers to refresh and relax at some of the top-class restaurants, food plazas, and shops. In Folkstone, you can visit Starbucks to sip your favorite coffee, or if you feel hungry, dropping by Leon can whet your appetite with fantastic fast foods. The outlets of Burger King and La Gare are too enticing when looking for a place to have breakfast or brunch. Book lovers can spend some time at WH Smith and gloss over some magazines while sipping at some of their favorite drinks before they leave the shop with a chosen paperback. The World Duty-Free is an attractive outlet for those keen to shop for duty-free items. You will also find many of these shops, restaurants, and eateries in Calais.

Besides the lure of the Eurotunnel discount, one of the most compelling reasons to travel by car between London and Paris by availing of the LeShuttle services is because they allow traveling with your pet. Chill out and relax in your car with your lovable pet by your side, and it would cost you only £22 per pet one way. 

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