How to Find Out Who Owns an Email Address?


Anyone working in the business world will vouch that email is the most effective and sophisticated form of communication, with the most remarkable response rate. However, the topic of How to Find Out Who Owns an Email Address consistently manages to stump even the most intelligent among us. You can use the following seven tried-and-true techniques to find a person’s email address.

A Thorough Guide on How to Find Out Who Owns an Email Address:

The best way to communicate privately is still via email. HoweverHow to Find Out Who Owns an Email Address presents a problem. Here are seven methods you may use to discover how to find someone’s email address.

Just Google It

Much information is available online, and using Google’s search function might be the key to locating email addresses. Simply Googling for someone’s name plus the words “email” or “contact” may provide their email address. Try alternative combinations instead, such as the person’s name and the business’s title. 

Check Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn users occasionally share their email addresses. Checking personal and business pages to determine whether the information is accessible just takes a few seconds.

Use an Email Lookup Tool

Utilizing an email lookup tool is one of the simplest methods to find a person’s email address. Simply type in a person’s name and/or a website’s name, and the program will look for the appropriate address for you. 

Subscribe to Your Prospects Email List

If your prospect has a newsletter on their website or blog, subscribe to their email list. Many businesses and bloggers publish newsletters using personal email accounts. This can be a quick solution to find the email address you need. You could get a response if you try responding to one of the newsletters with your thoughts or a thought-provoking query. This can assist you in developing a relationship with the potential user and increase your chances of obtaining their email addresses later.

Check About Us and Contact Us Pages

A company website is an excellent resource when looking for corporate decision-makers and their email addresses. On the “about us,” “contact us,” or “meet the team” pages of many websites, you may find email addresses for free.

Database Search

Finding a domain owner’s email address is possible by searching one database that maintains information on domain owners. Simply enter the domain name to obtain a response that includes the owner’s contact details, the domain’s availability status, and information about the business.

Use an Email Permutator

When you enter a person’s name and company domain into this useful tool, the Email Permutator will automatically generate all feasible guesses for you. 

Final Thoughts:

You now know How to Find Out Who Owns an Email Address. The development of email lookup and discovery software has made it much simpler to find an email address. You’ll eventually be able to find email addresses for free using this list.

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