Kerala’s 60-year Old Wage Labor Becomes a Model


The netizens are quick enough to notice anything that appeals to their eyes, and whether it is a video or an image, it starts trending and goes viral. So, the latest to catch the eye is 60-year-old daily wage labor from Kerala, India. Why has he mesmerized the netizens? Let us find out more about him. 

A wage labor turns model to become a viral sensation

The individual about whom we are talking here is none other than Mammikka. He is a daily wager from Kerala’s Kozhikode district. He has become a sensation overnight, and the internet has showered him with praises and positive comments. How did this all happen? Let us find out here. 

It all began when Shareek Vayalil spotted him in Kozhikode in Kerala. The photographer successfully convinced Mammikka to shoot for his wedding suiting brand. Earlier, Shareek had photographed the wage labor and posted the same on his Facebook account. His post went viral in no time on social media. Many netizens think that the 60-year-old man resembled actor Vinayakan

Once Shareek found that his post had received a lot of views and compliments, he approached Mammikka and convinced him. The man underwent a thorough makeover before shooting for the suiting company. 

Vayalil also posted a video on social media in which the 60-year-old’s transformation was recorded. As he had expected, the transformation video went viral and gathered several thousand likes within a few hours of posting the same. 

What does the video of the unskilled laborers here?

In a social media shared video, you can see how impressively Mammikka is seen in a blazer and trousers. He has an iPad in hand and a pair of sunglasses on. People have been gushing over his looks and style. When asked, Mammikka said that he is looking forward to more such shooting assignments and that he would like to continue his work as wage labor and work as a model as well. 

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