Medicare for International Students Down Under –A bird’s eye view


If you are a resident of Australia, you are entitled to Medicare. The public healthcare system will allow you to access mental and physical healthcare services. But if you are an overseas student Medicare for international students takes a different form. International students in Australia are required to apply for OSHC coverage or Overseas Student Health Cover. 

Let us find out more about the above topic in FAQs in the following paragraphs. 

Medicare for international students (OSHC)- Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most asked questions related to Overseas Student Health Cover. 

What is Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC? 

It is a kind of insurance that caters especially the international students. This insurance will meet the medical expenses or hospital stay if any, while you are studying in Australia. Ideally, you must be equipped with this coverage before you leave for Australia. 

Who will need Overseas Student Health Cover?

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia requires that if you have a student visa and dependents, an OSHC is a must for your entire stay Down Under. But there are a few exceptions for students from Belgium, Sweden, and Norway as the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement covers them, National Board of Student Aid and Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, respectively. 

Can overseas students in Australia avail of Medicare?

If you have paid for the OSHC plan, you qualify for using Medicare for International students in Australia-related services. 

What services are included in Medicare for International students following payment of OSHC?

You can avail of services like the following, which are covered under the above-

  1. Medicare out-of-hospital services
  2. In-patient medical services
  3. Private hospital accommodation with OSHC agreements
  4. Public hospital ward accommodation
  5. Selective prosthetic devices
  6. Day surgery accommodation
  7. Accident and emergency services
  8. Ambulance services
  9. Pharmaceutical services

Will eye care and dental care be included in OSHC?

Physiotherapy services, dental, and eye care services will not be included in the OSHC insurance. But if you desire, you have to spend on additional private coverage. 

Cost of getting Overseas Student Health Cover

You can avail of two options as a student studying at the university. The coverage plan is sometimes bought by the university and offered to students. This is because every university prefers working with different service providers. Alternatively, you can also select an OSHC service provider and pay for the insurance coverage on your own. 

The cost you must incur on the insurance coverage will depend on the coverage you choose and your past medical record. A person might have to shell out as much as A$438 annually. 

Registering for Overseas Student Health Cover

The most popular healthcare service provider from whom you can apply for insurance either through university or your include-

  • Allianz Global Assistance- subcontracted by Lysaght Peoplecare
  • BUPA Australia
  • Australian Health Management
  • Nib OSHC
  • Medibank Private

You will be required to furnish the following information for registration, 

a. Status of residency

b. Date of birth

c. Type of coverage – individual/family/couple

d. Country of citizenship

e. Class of visa

f. State in Australia where you are studying 

g. Medical history and information

h. Duration of stay

i. Contact details

Furnishing the details will help you to finalize the coverage after you receive the quotes and zero in on the requirements. 

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