The procedure for og WhatsApp download and installation


Arguably, Whatsapp is the most popular cross-platform, free-to-use instant messaging service and voice-over IP service. No other messaging service provides convenience to users like Whatsapp in terms of the functionality of free texting along with the transmission of videos, images, documents, and voice notes in various formats. Moreover, you can even make voice and video calls from the Whatsapp platform. Despite the high global popularity of Whatsapp, users are never fully satisfied with the functionalities and features because of some limitations and restrictions regarding rampant customization. Whatsapp does allow a certain level of customization but with some controls meaning that users do not have absolute freedom to customize the app in the way they want. However, og WhatsApp download can help to circumvent the official restrictions and allow users to have their way.

What does og WhatsApp download mean?

Whatsapp is aware of the high expectations of users about including more functionalities and features in the app and keeps improving by releasing updates from time to time. However, as it is impossible to satisfy everyone, a section of users keep complaining about the deficiencies, which makes them unhappy. Users who keep demanding more customization options look for alternatives such as og WhatsApp, a modified but unofficial version of Whatsapp that can fulfill their needs better than the official app. Independent creators are behind the development of the og WhatsApp pro, a modified version of the official Whatsapp that offers several new and advanced features. 

Why is og WhatsApp pro better? 

The og WhatsApp app has become highly popular in a short period since its launch, as evidenced by millions of downloads. According to the information available, users are highly impressed with the fantastic features of the modified app, and those who until now have been familiar with the official version of Whatsapp should explore the new modified app from some other developers. 

The ogwhatsapp trumps the official version with several exciting features that allow users to gain more mileage from the app and do many more things that enhance the convenience of using the app many more times. Most importantly, the features overcome the limitations of customizing the official app, and the features allow a bunch of customization and personalization options that make the modified app more exciting to use with immense flexibility.

Here are some of the features exclusive to og WhatsApp pro.

  1. On a single Android device, you can install two WhatsApp accounts.
  2. Several options for tweaking the design allow extensive personalization by changing the background and the counter color without leaving the chat window. 
  3. You can use different colored texts for various messaging functions and assign specific colors to texts for the unread message, status, and name. 
  4. The Call block feature is a great addition as you can selectively choose callers you want to talk to. 
  5. Keep the status view visible or hidden by using the easy customization options. 
  6. The og WhatsApp update is even more impressive because of the control you can exercise when reading chats with the help of a fingerprint lock.
  7. Sending a hundred images to a single contact at once is an exciting option as much as exciting as the scope of setting up a background image. 
  8. The expanded status text allows the use of a maximum of 250 words.
  9. Enhance privacy for broadcasts, groups, and contacts. 

In addition, many features are more amazing.

Where will you get the modified app?

 Unlike the official WhatsApp, its modified version of the og WhatsApp app is unavailable in Google Playstore. On searching the internet, you will find a link for downloading the latest app version. The current version, 17.20, that is available for download is 50 MB. If you face any problem directly downloading the app, you can use the Mirror link provided along with the Download link if the attempts to refresh the page do not help. 

Steps for installing og WhatsApp

The steps described below should help to download and install the og WhatsApp pro on any Android device, mostly smartphones. 

  • On discovering the download link by searching the internet, clock on the download button and follow the instructions to complete downloading the latest version. 
  • On going to the download folder of your device, you will find the og WhatsApp pro app APK file.
  • Run the file from its location to complete the installation process as you do for any other programs. 
  • To complete the setup process, input your number for registration and choose a DP or Display Photo for your profile.

The messenger service is now ready for use. You can install the modified version alongside the official WhatsApp on your device if you like. 

How safe is the modified app?

Since the og WhatsApp app is not available in Google Playstore, there might be concerns about its safety. However, as millions of users are already using the app and there are no reports about safety concerns surfacing anywhere, there should not be any apprehensions about the app’s safety.  

You can safely use the app as you have been using the official WhatsApp. 

Permissions, removal, and update

 You can remove the app anytime by accessing the Application Manager as you normally do for any other app. Before downloading the app, you need to check your device’s setting’s ‘Unknown Sources’ option to facilitate the download. For og WhatsApp updates, visit the developer’s website and check if the latest versions are available. The developer usually provides a link on the website for downloading the latest version. 

The high personalization achieved by using various themes, color options, and several other customization options is the biggest motivation for the og WhatsApp download. You can make the messenger work the way you want by exploring all the features that put users in the driving seat. After all, it’s your messenger, and you can use it the way you want with numerous options for customization. 

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